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21.02.2024: New Pump Handbook from Alfa Laval

02.02.2024: Free Rotating Retractor for Cleaning in Hygienic Processing Lines

06.07.2023: Alfa Laval Moves Forward to the Intelligent Pump With New Monitoring Software

28.06.2023: New Streamlined Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof CIP and Process Valves Meet Market Demand

29.03.2023: Alfa Laval Brings Fluidic Air Lubrication Technology Benefits to Shipowners

17.03.2023: New Alfa Laval ThinkTop V20 Pushes the Boundaries of Valve Position Indication to Industry 4.0

09.03.2023: Alfa Laval launches PureBilge Compact

30.11.2022: Alfa Laval Application and Innovation Centre boosts productivity

09.09.2022: Alfa Laval Test and Training Centre Receives Approval for Testing with Ammonia

23.06.2022: Alfa Laval Expands its Offering for Tankers by Acquiring Scanjet

18.03.2022: Alfa Laval PureSOx Scrubbers Employ Efficient Water Cleaning on the World’s Largest Container Vessel

16.03.2022: New Alfa Laval ThinkTop Pulse Seat Clean for Drain Valves Saves up to 95 Percent in CIP liquid

03.12.2021: New Alfa Laval CM Connect Leverages Digitalization to Optimize Hygienic Processing

01.12.2021: Alfa Laval and Orcan Energy Sign a Cooperation Agreement for the Marine Market

09.11.2021: Alfa Laval Strengthens its LNG Portfolio with the Gas Combustion Unit 2.0

15.07.2021: Investment in the Development of Air Lubrication Technology for Sustainable Shipping

17.06.2021: New Circumferential Piston Pump Eliminates Compromises on Hygienic Processes

25.05.2021: Enhanced Diaphragm Valves Boost Aseptic Process Efficiency

23.04.2021: New Lower-Flow Twin Screw Pumps Improve Accuracy and Process Economy

16.12.2020: New Wireless Condition Monitor Boosts Process Uptime

08.10.2020: New Alfa Laval Fluid Handling Application and Innovation Centre opens in Denmark

09.09.2020: New UltraPure – Advancing competitive edge for biotech and pharma

10.07.2020: Hygienic fluid handling Service Kits with spare parts

29.06.2020: Alfa Laval continues to support the marine industry and signs three-year frame agreements for ballast water treatment systems

09.03.2020: Alfa Laval: The next-generation ThinkTop V50 and V70 hygienic valve control units now speak the IO-Link language

03.02.2020: Alfa Laval commits to achieving zero-emission vessels as a member of the Getting to Zero Coalition

16.12.2019: New Alfa Laval AQUA Blue Mini Freshwater Generator Meets Smaller Needs

30.08.2019: The new Alfa Laval ThinkTop Revolutionizes Valve Sensing and Control Units, Reengineered to meet Customer Needs

15.08.2019: New Optilobe Rotary Lobe Pumps from Alfa Laval

24.07.2019: New Alfa Laval Mixers: Mixing Down to the Last Drop in All Hygienic Industries

22.07.2019: Efficient Self-priming Pumps for Improved Performance from Alfa Laval

23.05.2019: Alfa Laval’s Anders Lindmark Moves From Ballast Water Treatment to Exhaust Gas Cleaning

17.04.2019: Delicate and Quiet Operation with Alfa Laval’s new Robust Twin Screw Pump

24.10.2018: Alfa Laval Announces New Mixproof 3-body Valve for Hygienic Processes

15.10.2018: New Alfa Laval Mixproof 3-body Valve Designed for Hygienic Processes

05.09.2018: New 1500 m3/h Reactor for Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 Will Handle Large Ballast Water Flows with Even Greater Efficiency

15.03.2018: Alfa Laval Wins Prestigious Green4Sea Technology Award for Ballast Water Treatment System

31.01.2018: New Versions of Alfa Laval Mixproof Valve Designed to Meet Industry Challenges

27.10.2017: New PureBallast 3.1 Compact Flex by Alfa Laval Shrinks Footprint and Installation Costs in Ballast Water Treatment

13.07.2017: Alfa Laval Signs Major Frame Agreements for Ballast Water Treatment Retrofits

07.12.2016: Alfa Laval Announces New Business Manager for PureBallast as Industry Readies for New Regulations

23.11.2016: Up to 80 % Energy Savings with Agitators from Alfa Laval

07.11.2016: Energy Efficient Pumping and Gentle Handling of Sensitive Process Fluids with Rotary Lobe Pumps by Alfa Laval

21.04.2016: Alfa Laval is Introducing Hygienic Pumping With more Efficiency and Less Noise

14.08.2015: Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer Reducing Time and Energy

22.06.2015: Flexibility and No Cross-contamination

27.04.2015: Energy Efficient Powder Mixing

12.09.2014: Alfa Laval Wins SEK 240 Million Offshore Pumping Systems Order in South Korea

27.06.2014: Alfa Laval Completes Acquisition of Frank Mohn AS

28.02.2006: Alfa Laval Acquires Fruit Preparation Activity from Tetra Pak

01.08.2005: Alfa Laval Q2 Interim Report

23.06.2005: Alfa Laval Receives Major Drinking Water Contract from Pakistan

03.05.2004: New CEO and President of Alfa Laval

14.04.2004: Installation Material for Fluid Handling

23.09.2003: Alfa Laval focus on Water Management and Life Science

08.09.2003: SSP Unveils Disc Pumps For The Toughest of Applications

14.07.2003: Large Rotary Lobe Pumps

13.03.2003: Change in the Board of Directors of Alfa Laval

13.03.2003: Alfa Laval – changes in Group Management

13.10.2000: “here”- The Alfa Laval international customer magazine