Xylem’s Latest Stage V-Compliant Pumps to Launch Ahead of EU Regulation Deadline

Xylem is leading the water sector in the European Commission’s transition to Stage V diesel engines* with the upcoming launch of two new innovative and sustainable Godwin Dri-Prime S Series pumps.
Xylem’s Latest Stage V-Compliant Pumps to Launch Ahead of EU Regulation Deadline

All Godwin portable pumps sold to the UK and European market are now available with Stage V diesel engines. (Image source: Xylem, Inc.)

These four-inch models, to be available in the autumn, will add to Xylem’s comprehensive portfolio of Stage V-compliant Godwin S Series dewatering pumps. The Company has also released a ‘Stage V Diesel Engine Guide’, offering timely guidance for those making the transition.

Simon Mathias, Regional Product Manager, Xylem said, “As the deadline for Stage V implementation approaches, our new ‘Stage V Diesel Engine Guide’ and the launch of our next generation, efficient Stage V-compliant dewatering pumps later this year, reflects our commitment to support our customers in complying with EU regulations. We know Stage V and customers don’t need to go it alone – we are ready to help, guide and train them through this process to keep operations up and running, with minimal disruption. Our new pumps will benefit customers through enhanced hydraulic performance and efficiency, offering up to 20 percent greater uptime and 15 percent improved fuel economy versus older Dri-Prime models.”

“Our new Stage V Diesel Engine Guide provides best practice guidance based on our extensive experience working with Stage V engines,” continued Mathias. “Whatever the industry - be it construction, mining, municipal wastewater or manufacturing - we are focused on providing the most reliable, durable, and efficient Stage V compliant pumps. Our expertise is based on hands-on application know-how and testing to simplify maintenance requirements while ensuring longer service intervals.”

The Godwin Dri-Prime S Series of smart dewatering pumps are next generation, innovative surface mounted dewatering pumps that can handle almost all solids dewatering applications. The pumps offer solids handling versatility through application-specific, interchangeable impeller options (CD or NC); improved pump hydraulic performance and efficiency expands the pumps application range; 15 percent improved total dynamic head (TDH) at 140 m3/hour enabling higher elevations. Streamlined serviceability means that the Godwin Dri-Prime S Series requires 40 percent less service time. Pumps in the series also deliver more than 90 percent reduction in diesel particulate emissions than engines compliant with earlier emissions regulation stages.

Smart, efficient solutions like the Godwin S Series are fundamental to Xylem’s commitment to advancing the sustainability of the water sector. In its recently published 2019 sustainability report, “Water for a Healthy World”, Xylem announced it had succeeded in exceeding its greenhouse gas emissions intensity targets by more than 40 percent and had also reduced product energy intensity. The Company was named one of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens in 3BL Media’s annual ranking of public companies.

As well as a Stage V-compliant diesel engine, the newest generation Xylem Field Smart Technology (FST) comes standard on all S Series models, delivering smart monitoring and control. FST is a modern cloud-based SaaS platform with an intuitive multi-language interface as well as providing access to a 24/7 FST support service. When coupled with a Stage V engine, Xylem’s FST technology can help to mitigate issues such as unpredictable regeneration cycles by monitoring soot and load levels. FST also means the operator knows the location, status and condition of the pump, and if maintenance is required. This means the customer can remotely monitor and control the pump to maximize uptime and efficient operation - all without the need for staff to spend time travelling to site, particularly relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic.

All Godwin portable pumps sold to the UK and European market are now available with Stage V diesel engines.


* Under its emissions regulations, the EU’s primary pollution targets in engine exhaust emissions are particulate matter (PM), and ozone precursors of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbons (HC). Diesel engines in every industry, and all applications from large-scale marine engines to small horticultural equipment engines are subject to these regulations. Whilst deadlines are contingent on engine size, Stage V engines are required to be fully implemented for all non-road diesel engines by the end of 2021.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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