Xylem’s Flojet Brand Launches Inline Gas Infuser for the Global Beverage Market

Global water technology company, Xylem has announced the launch of the Flojet N-Fuser – a new gas infusion system engineered to deliver inline and on demand infusion in beverage dispensing systems.
Xylem’s Flojet Brand Launches Inline Gas Infuser for the Global Beverage Market

The Flojet N-Fuser offers inline and on demand infusion for both CO2 and nitrogen-based beverage dispensing systems (Image source: Xylem Inc.)

Engineered with flexibility in mind, the Flojet N-Fuser can be used for both CO2 and nitrogen infusion, allowing operators to reach various levels of carbonation or nitro-foam with multiple beverages, including dairy. Due to its ‘on demand’ capability, the system delivers a highly consistent performance to support both frequent and intermittent pours.

With the rise in popularity of nitro-infused beverages, particularly within the global coffee market, operators of dispensing systems are seeking greater flexibility, and a consistent flavor profile. Retailers now require more advanced solutions that support inline nitrogen infusion and traditional carbonation, all within a small footprint. The new Flojet N-Fuser is an all-in-one, highly compact system, that can be readily configured based on consumer demand. The system is easy to install, with no onsite adjustment required. Unlike other infusion systems, the Flojet N-Fuser does not require a special valve to set up the infusion level, and the system is easy to operate, clean and maintain.

“The Flojet N-Fuser inline gas infusion system offers the smallest mounting envelope on the market, with the simplest installation and setup – making it the perfect choice for beverage retailers who are looking to offer more choice while maximizing space and balancing costs. The system also has the unique ability to replicate the same taste and experience with every pour, allowing retailers to meet customer expectations, every time.” said Dave Allen, Director of Product Management & Marketing at Xylem. “Our Flojet brand has more than 45 years of proven experience in the beverage dispensing market, delivering advanced solutions that help our customers meet growing consumer demands while meeting industry compliance standards.”

Retailers can also add additional components to the N-Fuser system to meet their specific requirements, including pumps, vacuum switches, and pressure switches. In addition to meeting customer requirements, the Flojet N-Fuser system also meets stringent food grade and NSF certification standards for increased peace of mind.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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