Xylem Launches Lowara ecocirc Premium


Following the success of the ecocirc, Xylem has launched a new high efficiency circulator pump complete with multi-display, specifically designed for heating systems in domestic applications.

Xylem Launches Lowara ecocirc Premium

Lowara ecocirc Premium (Image: Xylem)

The Lowara ecocirc Premium can reduce electricity costs by up to 90% compared with traditional fixed three-speed pumps, delivering a payback period of just 2-3 years.

The ecocirc Premium includes multiple control options and a multi-display as standard which shows alternating current power consumption, head and flow rate. It offers three different control options, constant pressure control mode – ideal for floor heating systems; an automatic volume dependent differential control (ΔPv) and a constant speed control.

It also includes a universal plug so the pump can be integrated into any heating system. It is also easy to operate with one control knob for its automatic air purging mode. Holding the button for just five seconds on the lowest setting will initiate a cycle regardless of the control mode, which clears the pump of air effectively. After the air purging cycle has finished the pump will automatically revert to the previously set control mode and the original set performance level.

Chiara Musola, Product Manager circulators for Xylem AWS EMEA commented: “The ability to monitor readings such as power consumption, head and flow rate is an important requirement for many customers. As such, the ecocirc Premium allows end users to experience the same reliable levels of performance as our original ecocirc BASIC models but with the added display and monitoring capabilities.”

As with its predecessor, the Lowara ecocirc Premium boasts a market-leading electronically commutated spherical motor which has only one moving component – the impeller/rotor unit. This means that the pump can perform to its maximum capabilities after any period of inactivity.

The circulator also features Xylem’s unique ‘Anti-Block Technology’ which completely separates the main flow of the transferred liquid from the permanent magnetic parts, meaning the pump will never be susceptible to blockages from magnetite or sludge.

The Lowara ecocirc Premium meets the criteria set out under the 2015 changes to the ErP Directive and is available for the heating season 2013/14.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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