Xylem Engineer Honored for his Contribution to New ANSI/HI Standards


Xylem engineer, Stefan Abelin, Marketing Director, Large Pumps and Applications, has been honored by the Hydraulic Institute for his contributions to the creation of a new ANSI/Hydraulic Institute (HI) standard for the factory testing of pumps and a significant improvement of an existing standard for submersible pumps.

Abelin was Chair of the committee that recently developed the ‘Rotodynamic Pumps for Hydraulic Performance Acceptance Tests, ANSI/HI 14.6-2011’ standard which is destined to become the new global reference. Abelin also chaired the committee that completed a major revision of the ‘Rotodynamic Submersible Pumps for Hydraulic Performance, Hydrostatic Pressure, Mechanical, and Electrical Acceptance Tests, ANSI/HI 11.6-2011’ standard which now includes significant advances on the previous version including enabling the user to evaluate the power requirements for an entire pump unit.

The new ‘Rotodynamic Pumps for Hydraulic Performance Acceptance Tests, ANSI/HI 14.6-2011’ standard, which supersedes the Centrifugal Pump Test Standard (ANSI/HI 1.6-2000) and the Vertical Pump Test Standard (ANSI/HI 2.6-2000), now includes six instead of two acceptance grades. New elements of the standard include:

  • lower tolerance bands concerning energy efficiency have been developed
  • acceptance grades with bilateral and unilateral tolerances have been defined
  • tolerances for pumps with low horsepower input of up to 10kW (13 hp)
  • new graphics and content that provide readers with insight into NPSH testing
  • special test techniques relating to model testing to predict performance of pumps too large to test by conventional means

The newly revised Rotodynamic Submersible Pumps for Hydraulic Performance, Hydrostatic Pressure, Mechanical, and Electrical Acceptance Tests, ANSI/HI 11.6-2011 standard represents a major departure from the previous version of the standard. Under the new revision the pump wire-to-water efficiency or electrical input power is guaranteed and tested, in addition to the mandatory flow and head test. This represents a significant advance as wire-to-water testing was not a requirement of the previous submersible pump test. This new guarantee enables the user to evaluate the power requirements for the entire pump unit.

Gregg Romanyshyn, Technical Director of Hydraulic Institute, said, “Stefan Abelin has been instrumental in moving these test standards through their respective committees, demonstrating his excellent management and leadership skills. He has spent countless hours preparing the draft standards and worked diligently through the review and approval process. He has earned the respect and appreciation of his peers and the HI Staff.”

Stefan Abelin has over 30 years’ experience in the pump industry. He has held a wide range of roles within Xylem including Application Engineer, Systems Engineering Manager, Marketing Manager, Technical Manager and Operations Director.

HI Pump Standards are reliable, widely accepted references for the pump industry. New standards are introduced periodically based on industry needs. HI’s complete library of ANSI/HI standards for the pump industry is available in both electronic and print formats at eStore.Pumps.org, or by calling the Hydraulic Institute’s purchasing line.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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