Universal and Flexible: The New Mini-Vacuum Pumps for Laboratories


Small, portable diaphragm vacuum pumps are indispensable in the laboratory. With their compact dimensions and light weight, they can be used nearly everywhere – for suctioning media, recirculating gases and evacuating containers.

Universal and Flexible: The New Mini-Vacuum Pumps for Laboratories

KNF Neuberger GmbH has expanded its proven and successful line of mini-diaphragm vacuum pumps for laboratory use with two additional models having greater pneumatic capacity. The N 816.3 K_.18 and N 816.1.2 K_.18 LABOPORT pumps transfer 16 and 30 l/min respectively (at atmospheric pressure) and depending on the model achieve a maximum vacuum of between 15 and 160 mbar.

They are offered in various material compositions for applications where there is contact with the medium. When configured with pump heads made of PPS, a PTFE-coated diaphragm and valves made of FFPM, the pumps demonstrate outstanding chemical resistance characteristics. They are also available with an optional vacuum gauge and fine adjustment valve.

Thanks to the patented, stress-optimized structural diaphragm, these cost-effective devices combine high capacity with small size and great longevity. They also feature very low noise levels. Like all diaphragm pumps, these units also operate oil free, so that the media are transferred with no contamination or falsifying.

The mini-vacuum pumps are part of the broad range of LABOPORT products, including units with capacities between 5.5 l/min and 60 l/min (at atmospheric pressure) and maximum vacuum values of up to 2 mbar abs.

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