Tsurumi Optimizes Pump Sales with Spaix Selection Software


Tsurumi - specialist for submersible pumps with European headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany - uses the complete range of VSX - Vogel Software’s pump selection software Spaix in order to support its sales processes.

Tsurumi Optimizes Pump Sales with Spaix Selection Software

The data sheets are dynamically created in the selected language and requested measuring units based on current operating data. (Image: VSX – Vogel Software GmbH)

When pumps are used under difficult conditions the demands for an interference-free operation are usually very high. Such situations exist for example during the dewatering of building pits. The pumps need to fulfill higher requirements due to the dominance of larger heads and flow rates as well as the transport of highly sediment-enriched media. Therefore, the correct selection of a pump is an important pre-condition in order to guarantee a reliable operation.

The Japanese manufacturer Tsurumi offers pumps suitable for such difficult application areas. No matter if the pumps are used for the drainage of building pits or for the wastewater disposal, all products are especially adapted to its working environment. The company with worldwide headquarters in Osaka, Japan and European headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany is well known for its technical innovations in the fields of contractor’s pumps as well as sewage and industrial submersible pumps.

In order to correspond to the requirement of maximized product reliability Tsurumi sets a high value on excellent advisory and service for its worldwide customers regarding the optimal pump selection. To support its internal sales processes the company uses the pump selection software Spaix developed by VSX - Vogel Software. The successful collaboration started with the purchase of the compact software suite Spaix Quick&Easy which was soon replaced by the Windows-based full version Spaix Classic V2. At this time Tsurumi (Europe) focused on a comprehensive spare parts database that was integrated within the selection program. With the help of that feature customers got the opportunity to select spare parts and to directly order them from the manufacturer. In the course of time the functionality was further developed. Due to a newly implemented add-on employees have now even the possibility to directly search for a certain product. Afterwards, the user receives a list with all series and models that contain the wanted spare part. Moreover, the software upgrade enabled Tsurumi (Europe) to use different installation types and to consider several components, e.g. materials, within the configuration.

Today Tsurumi (Europe) uses the desktop version Spaix Classic V2 as well as the web-based version Spaix V3. “An essential advantage is the availability of a Windows as well as a web application using only one database” explains Ulrich Tempel, Sales Director at Tsurumi (Europe). On the one hand, field staff profits for example from the opportunity to get access to technical data in Spaix even if no Internet connection is available. Amongst others, that enables the detailed product selection at the customer’s facilities. On the other hand, the web version always provides the latest information without installing special software on the PC. Only a web browser and Internet connection are necessary.

Moreover, the centralized data maintenance is considered as crucial advantage of the software-supported selection. In the past all PDF data sheets were created separately. Today Tsurumi (Europe) realizes the creation with the integrated dynamic data sheet generation whereby changes that are made in the database are available immediately. Furthermore, Spaix enables the multilingual output of data sheets without having to change the conducted configuration. As Tsurumi (Europe) serves the whole European area the multilingualism of the software is an important requirement for being able to deal with inquires in a fast and efficient way. In order to achieve this dynamic data sheet generation the program works with translation databases in which all terms and definitions as well as describing text passages are stored for the requested languages.

„The setup of a product database usually means a significant initial effort. But the benefits for the quote and data sheet generation become obvious very soon. The investment already amortizes after a few months. As the use of the software optimizes the whole sales process, more time for customer advisory is available” underlines Jens-Uwe Vogel, Managing Director of VSX – Vogel Software. Besides commercial data all hydraulic and technical data of the offered pumps as well as available additional information, e.g. material data, are stored in the database to be used for the computer aided product selection.

In order to further increase the optimal customer service the internal sales process of Tsurumi (Europe) will be prospectively supported by a CRM solution. With the intention of guaranteeing a centralized storage of all customer-oriented data the Spaix program will be integrated with the CRM system via a flexible interface technology. In general, any kind of third-party programs, e.g. ERP or CRM solutions, can be easily connected to Spaix through the mentioned interface that is available as standard software in VSX’ product range.

After the implementation of the CRM system all quotations shall be generated with the Spaix QuoteGenerator. The complex database structure enables both the involvement of all available components, e.g. different motor types, and the consideration of several configuration parameters, e.g. material or painting.

Therewith the characteristics in the construction of Tsurumi submersible pumps can be optimally depicted and offered. Tsurumi pumps are especially characterized by an extraordinary high reliability: The technology for submersible pumps is classified as dry-run save. Thus, the pumps do not break down due to a heat build-up, even in critical snore and non-stop operation. In addition, all aggregates are constructed on a modular base what makes the wear part logistics and maintenance (can be also done by the users themselves) very affordable. These pumps were usually used in the building sector, the manufacturing industry and by fire departments. “Our customers are pumping any kind of wastewater”, adds Ulrich Tempel, “- in any place worldwide”.

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