This Year`s “Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award” Presented to Quantafuel ASA

The “Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award 2020” has been presented to the Norwegian company Quantafuel ASA. By employing Busch's DOLPHIN liquid ring vacuum pumps, Quantafuel has developed technology that is contributing to solving the global waste problem by upgrading plastic waste into valuable products.
This Year`s “Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award” Presented to Quantafuel ASA

Presentation of the “Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award 2020”: (from left to right) Dr Karl Busch, Ayhan Busch, Oyvind Hansen Billing (General Manager Busch Vakuumteknikk AS), Hans-Christian Felde (Procurement Director Quantafuel ASA), Ayla Busch, Kaya Busch. (Image source: Dr.-Ing. K. Busch GmbH)

Busch Vacuum Solutions presents its innovation award every year. This honor is awarded to individuals or businesses who come up with particularly innovative ways to apply vacuum technology and benefit the human world and the environment as a result. The “Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award” was first presented back in 2013 to mark Busch's 50th anniversary.

Quantafuel develops technology that is contributing to solving the global waste problem. In collaboration with dedicated partners, they have achieved the combined goals of recycling low-quality plastic and sustainable waste management. And Busch Vacuum Solutions is one of these partners that delivers the vacuum technology for the pyrolysis process to give plastic waste a second life. By converting almost all kinds of plastic waste into more environmentally friendly fuel and chemicals, Quantafuel is making a significant contribution to lowering pollution and emissions.

The two companies are linked by a close partnership. Busch supports Quantafuel during the development of the innovative pyrolysis process where they melt all sorts of used recirculated plastic waste and generate mineral oil out of the pyrolysis gas. The mineral oil itself arises in the melting process. DOLPHIN liquid ring vacuum pumps by Busch are used for degassing during the pyrolysis process. The gas is then compressed for further downstream process with the help of vacuum technology.

This innovative process makes the recycling of plastic waste much more environmentally friendly. Quantafuel‘s solution places a value on plastic waste by treating used plastic as a valuable resource and transforming it into new products. And therefore, Busch presented Quantafuel with the “Innovation in

Vacuum Busch Award 2020”. Hans-Christian Felde from Quantafuel received the award at the headquarters of Busch Vacuum Solutions in Maulburg, Germany in a ceremony.

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