Roundtable on Eco Design and Energy Efficiency a Great Success


The roundtable organised by Europump gathered together various stakeholders (European Commission, Pump Users, Energy Agencies, Universities and Industry) for an open discussion on eco design challenges.

“We are extremely satisfied with the outcome of the Roundtable” says Dr Brodersen, Europump President. “Thanks to the interest and enthusiasm of all the participants, we had a very good discussion on the challenges of eco design and energy efficiency for the pump industry. The benefits of the extended product approach and systems approach were widely debated. It is sure that both are a great improvement on the simple product approach”.

Over 50 participants gathered in Brussels for the eco design roundtable organised by Europump. Representatives of public authorities and energy agencies, academics, energy efficiency consultants, pump users and members of the pump industry attended the event. The roundtable assessed the challenges facing the pump industry and its adaptation to eco design requirements. Speakers and panellists spoke extensively on eco design and energy efficiency.

Central to this roundtable was the triple track initiative of the Europump approaches. Speakers and panellists explained and debated the basics and subtleties of the product approach, extended product approach and systems approach.

The roundtable reaffirmed the importance of thinking beyond the simple product approach to ensure maximal energy savings. Each participant was asked to contribute two ideas about the future of eco design and energy efficiency, especially for pumps. This fostered discussions and is a source of information for Europump and its improvements in eco design.

Source: Europump

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