Filling of battery cells with electrolytes

Small dispensing errors cause large variations in battery performance. Hermetic, high-precision dosing pumps are needed for this application. Filling electrolytes into battery cells is a critical step in battery manufacturing. Factors such as electrolyte formulation, pressure and temperature must be considered in the filling process.
Filling of battery cells with electrolytes

Hermetic pump mzr-7265 for electrolyte filling (Image source: HNP Mikrosysteme)

Critical to battery performance and life are the quality of the electrolyte and the accuracy of the filling process. Small dispensing errors cause large variations in performance. High-precision micro annular gear pumps from HNP Mikrosysteme are used for this application. Lithium-based liquid battery electrolytes are crystallizing and hazardous to health, and require the use of hermetic pumps. The magnetic hermetic pump mzr-7265 doses volumes between 4 and 8 ml in 2 seconds with a deviation of less than 1%. The process takes place under vacuum conditions. In addition to low-pulsation and precise dosing, the pump realizes very short cycle times. LOHC-based hydrogen storage is another application field for micro annular gear pumps.

Pumps of the high performance series, mzr-4605 or mzr-7205 are used to deliver LOHC dibenzyltoluene, also known as Marlotherm, perhydro-dibenzyltoluene and benzyltoluene. For example, the pumps deliver dibenzyltoluene with volume flow rates between 1 ml/min and 240 ml/min into a reactor. Here, the medium is charged with hydrogen by means of hydrogenation.

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