Perfect Scarf Joints for Better Pump Shaft and Valve Stem Sealing


The new Packing Ring Cutter from James Walker removes the guesswork from producing neatly scarf-cut lengths of compression packing to form rings of precisely the correct size for sealing gland housings of pumps and valves.

The simple-to-use cutting jig is made of strong aluminium alloy, with two precision scales: one for the inside diameter of the ring (i.e. pump shaft or valve stem dimension) and the other for the packing section.

Carefully cutting the compression packing in the cutter’s guide slot, with the knife supplied, produces 45-degree scarf joints that match perfectly when the material is bent to form a ring of the required size.

James Walker’s Packing Ring Cutter is suitable for packing sections of 3mm to 20mm and ring inside diameters of 10mm to 140mm. It comes boxed with full instructions. Cut-resistant gloves should be worn when operating the cutter and local safety regulations should be followed on the use of hand tools.

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