Pentair Announces Fairbanks Nijhuis to Serve Fire Protection Systems Needs Across the Globe


Pentair Ltd. announced the merger of two leading brands in the fire protection market: Fairbanks Morse and Pentair Nijhuis. The new Fairbanks Nijhuis will offer the industry’s most complete scope of engineered products and services to stationary, off-shore, and maritime fire customers.

Pentair Announces Fairbanks Nijhuis to Serve Fire Protection Systems Needs Across the Globe


Fairbanks Nijhuis is expected to have the leading position in the systems approach to fire protection solutions. A wide variety of pumps will serve multiple markets including sprinklers contractors, engineering firms, airports, oil platforms, power plants, industrial companies, and firefighting vessels.

Design, manufacturing, testing, and R&D will continue to operate out of the US locations in Kansas City, KS, and North Aurora, Illinois and the Winterswijk, Netherlands facilities. "This significant move accelerates our growth by offering even greater value to our customers and business partners across the globe," said Gary Witt, President of Pentair’s Flow Technologies business unit. “The combination of our world-class engineering and manufacturing groups, with over 200 years of combined expertise, is a win for our customers in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia – really, all markets that both brands previously served individually”.

Witt adds, “The key benefit to this move is summed up by the term ‘systems’. “Fairbanks Nijhuis now offers complete system solutions that Nijhuis provides in greater magnitude complemented by the Fairbanks product portfolio, engineering competencies and extensive distribution coverage.”

Source: Pentair plc.

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