New Vacuum Pump for Autoclaves


Large amounts of liquid in the pump gas can cause problems for pumps, e.g. due to condensation. Compared with many other pump types, the diaphragm pump is not very sensitive to condensation.

However, a high percentage of liquid in the pump medium means the process will take much more time if some of the condensation collects in the pump head.

KNF Neuberger GmbH has now added a further model to its large line of diaphragm vacuum pumps specifically for steam sterilization in autoclaves. For this new product as well, priority was given to eliminating the condensation efficiently, to enable processes to run quickly. For instance, the new pump model has outstanding flow properties, due to condensation-repellent surfaces in the transfer area of the pump and optimized flow channels. Those parts of the device which contact the medium are, of course, corrosion-resistant.

Additional advantages of the new pump N 816.6 KPE include its outstanding pneumatic performance, its compact size and its excellent price/performance ratio. It produces an ultimate vacuum of 10 mbar abs. and transfers 28 l/min at atmospheric pressure.

For especially high condensation loads and even greater requirements for speedy drying, this new pump is complemented by a series with a drying system. During pumping down, the drying system is used to quickly blow the condensation liquid out of the pump heads. The vacuum pumps with drying system are used, for example, for autoclaves and vacuum drying chambers.

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