New Titanium Gear Metering Pumps


Pompe Cucchi introduces new magnetic coupled gear metering pumps. This series has been designed in order to allow the use of steel bars in the manufacturing of the pump components. The N series pumps are suitable for all those applications in which not only a constant pressure is required, but also considerable precision in dosage. The complete absence of pulsation on the delivery side of the pump optimises the accuracy of the flow meter reading and the prompt response to the capacity changes assures the correct dosage at all times.

These factors are fundamental for the management of any system and for maintaining the qualitative characteristics of the product pumped. The capacities vary from a minimum of 0,5 l/h. to a maximum of 50.000 l/h. with maximum working pressure of 15 bar.

Main applications:

  • Dosage in the chemical field for the production of liquid soaps and detergents.
  • Dosage in the chemical field of corrosive, toxic and polluted liquids.
  • Dosage in the cosmetic field for the production of shampoos, creams, bubble baths etc.

    Dosage in the aromatic food field for fruit juices, melted butter, honey, marmalade etc.

  • Dosage in the textile field for water, acids, bases.

    Dosage in the industrial sector for products having viscosity values between 1 and 100.000 cps.

Constructional characteristics:

The standard version is made of AISI 316L stainless steel. Pumps obtained from steel bars and not from casting guarantee homogeneous and uniform material quality, thus avoiding unpleasant inconveniences which may be caused by cracking or shrinkage. Special versions in titanium, Hastelloy, Sanycro 28, PVDF, or any other machinable material, may be made on request.

The motion is aided by bushings and flakes made of graphite (also available on request in reinforced PTFE). This way, seizures are avoided during dry running. This solution allows total pump maintenance to be carried out directly on the system without the use of special equipment or adjustments.

The shafts and gears which are also made of AISI 316L stainless steel are put through special anti-wear and anti-seizure heat treatment. For extra heavy duty working conditions with partial cavitation phenomenon or for the transfer or dosage of deionized and demineralized water or liquids having high vapour tensions, a new thermal treatment has been available since 1996 called “HH” (High Hardness). This modern thermal treatment considerably increases the resistance to wear of the gears and confers major protection from corrosion caused by chemical agents, an extremely low friction factor and a very high wear resistance to the treated parts. It also enables the achievement of surface hardness of 4000 Vickers. This treatment is also used by one of the most important Formula 1 racing car teams on parts of the engine most subject to wear.

For special applications a new type of gears in plastic material called “KK” has been developed. These special plastic gears have higher chemical and mechanical properties if compared with traded standard plastic materials.

The standard mechanical seals mounted are made of ceramics/graphite/Viton. However, single or doubles seals made of silicon carbide or tungsten carbide with gaskets in Viton, PTFE and Kalretz are available for special applications.

The standard version is equipped with flanged inlet connections, type SAE “weld on”, but on request it can be supplied with food suitable connections, threaded BSP/NPT, ASA or DIN connections.

The special internal grooving assures perfect internal washing with water and soda, by means of a C.I.P cycle. This special type of grooving, which puts the bushing supporting area under pressure with the stuffing box, as well as assuring the complete elimination of traces of the liquid transferred through the wash cycle, enables acquisition of a constant supply of clean liquid in the supporting and sealing area, avoiding stagnation and thus maintaining the chemical/physical characteristics of the pumped product unaltered.

On request, if an application requires a particular surface finish, both pump and stainless steel base plate can be supplied polished.

For the models with a capacity between 1,9 cm3/rev. and 208 cm3/rev. it is possible to install magnetic coupling. Gear pumps magnetically coupled are specially suitable for applications with corrosive, toxic and polluted mediums. Magnetic coupling ensures the absence of leakage and solves all pumping problems in plants where the safety and the absolute absence of liquid losses are a must.

The main operating benefits of magnetic coupling are:

High efficiency and low power losses

No leakage into the ambient

Expensive control systems not required

Low maintenance costs

Easy assembling and low number of spare parts

Max. pressure control

The standard manufacturing for magnetic coupling is : stainless steel Aisi 316 (DIN 1.4571) for internal rotor, steel (ST 37) for external rotor. On request it is possible to manufacture rotors in Hastelloy (C or D) or Titanium. Magnetic coupling range temperature is –40°C / +350°C and the maximum allowable torque is 2000 Nm.

Pre-heating chambers can be supplied on request which are suitable for heated water or diathermic oil. The pump can be supplied as a single unit or complete with motor connected by means of coupling and aligned on a support. When creating dosage units the motor power depends on the frequency converter applied. Power cooled and explosion-proofed motors, geared motors and variable speed motors, also electrically or pneumatically controlled, can be supplied on request.

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