New Lightnin Compact Series by SPX Flow


The SPX Flow Lightnin brand is renowned for its extensive range of robust, long-lasting mixers. Its new Compact Series mixers offer customers an opportunity to have the leading, high efficiency Lightnin mixing technology in a more economical, simpler variant of mixer / agitator.

The Lightnin Series 10 and Series 70 mixers are well proven and renowned for their excellent mixing performance, efficiency and reliability. With its new Compact Series, SPX Flow Inc. has transferred the innovative Lightnin technology into a more standardized solution for users who require faster availability.

The Compact Series mixers are ideal for open tank applications (e.g. municipal, industrial water or wastewater, and mining & minerals slurry processes) as well as for sealed tank applications (e.g. chemical process applications requiring mechanical seal). This new series offers many of the features of the other Lightnin range of mixers including a choice of high efficiency impellers and a gearbox designed by SPX Flow specifically for reliability in mixing applications while keeping simplicity of design. The new range also includes the Lightnin True Dry Well which is integrally cast into the gearbox. Critical for drinking water and other applications, the dry well protects against lubricants seeping past shaft seals, as are found on many other gearboxes, which can contaminate process fluids.

The Compact Series offers users a highly competitive, straight forward mixing solution which provides the reliability, strength and efficiency associated with Lightnin mixers. The units offer a compact footprint, reduced weight and are easy to install with integrated cast iron feet on the gearbox. They can accommodate double or triple reduction in the same gearbox size, so the same space can accommodate multiple speeds. Their simple construction with parallel shafts in the gearbox further ensures quiet, smooth operation and, with low temperature rise in the unit, long lubricant life. The leading Lightnin impellers are designed to optimize mixing performance by maximizing flow generation and minimizing drive loads.

The range covers powers of 0.75 – 55 kW with speeds of 13-155 rpm is available with OSHA, CE and ATEX approvals and availability of premium efficiency for safe area motors. To ensure excellent customer service and rapid delivery, gearboxes along with the shaft and impeller are manufactured locally in the Asia-Pacific region where SPX Flow has precision tooling and testing / metrology capability.

Through its Lightnin brand, SPX Flow provides expertise in the science of mixing. The new Compact Series offers customers the opportunity to have the peace of mind of the strength and reliability of a Lightnin solution at a good cost to value ratio.

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