New Instrument Controller for Vacuum Pressure Measurements


Leading vacuum pump manufacturer, BOC Edwards, has launched two new versions of its Turbo Instrument Controller (TIC) , which now allows operators to view data and programme up to six vacuum gauges from one central controller.

New Instrument Controller for Vacuum Pressure Measurements

Efficient, easy-to-use and compact, the new TICs provide OEMs and system builders with a controller for the entire vacuum system.

The two new models both accept up to six BOC Edwards active gauges, while the capacitance manometer version can work with up to three Barocel® capacitance manometers. Using different types of gauge, continuous pressure measurement from atmosphere to 2x10-11 mbar is possible. Pressure (in a choice of units), relay, and gauge status is displayed giving a clear indication of what is currently happening in the vacuum system.

“Users now have the ability to programme up to six set-points which can be assigned to any of the gauges, or switched manually.” says Iain Smith, complementary product manager, BOC Edwards. “This increased functionality gives users greater control and data management and the set points can be used directly, or with the new six relay box for switching 5A resistive loads at 250V.”

TIC features a clear graphical user interface. The large, 128 x 64 pixel backlit liquid crystal display and easy-to-use menu system simplify programming and, with a choice of summary screens, excellent visibility of displayed parameters is assured.

The TICs are supplied with Windows-based PC software as standard, enabling full set-up and control from a PC. Users can view visual displays of pressures, and monitor and programme the TIC remotely. It also includes a data logging facility, for later analysis. The controllers feature RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces, and 0 – 10V DC analogue outputs for each gauge, making integration with other equipment simple. They can be either rack or bench mounted.

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