New Flygt Pump Flotation Module


ITT Flygt (UK) has launched the Flygt Pump Flotation Module, a new design which has been developed to provide a light weight and cost effective alternative to the traditional steel pontoon in dewatering applications.

The Flygt Pump Flotation Module (PFM) can be supplied to suit the Flygt range of 2000 series dewatering pumps, 3000 series wastewater pumps and 5000 series slurry pumps, and is suitable for quarries, construction site dewatering, aeration ponds, sludge lagoons and in other sewage treatment plant applications.

The product is pre-fabricated from light weight, foam-filled glass reinforced polymer skin to prevent sinking and is available in four different sizes. The pump and integral module are simply installed by the use of a central stainless steel lifting attachment which once in the water is easily towed by a boat, if required, and secured into position by anchor or guy ropes. The float module remains on the water surface for easy recovery and identification.

Comments Simon Jones, market manager for Flygts Construction & Mining division, “This is a totally new product from Flygt that can make submersible pumps float. There has always been a requirement to float pumps close to the surface - companies have traditionally used a walk on raft or a galvanized steel floatation device, meaning that a frame has to be designed and built and this can be costly. Our new PFM does away with all that - there is no calculation of ballast or stability required. It is a safe off-the-shelf solution. The four different sizes have model numbers which represent the PFMs lifting capacity and suitable pump types, making it much easier to use.”

Because the pump floats close to the surface, the PFM also extends the products service life through reduced maintenance because it does not need to operate in a high solids environment.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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