New ‘Dry’ Vacuum Pump


CDX1000 is the first of a new family of dry vacuum pumps from BOC Edwards. Ideal for high speed, high capacity process applications, the new pump features third generation double-ended screw technology for reliable operation and low cost of ownership.

With a nominal pumping speed of 900m3/hr, the CDX1000 is designed for use in pharmaceutical, metallurgy and other industrial applications. It is ideal for processes which require high pumping speeds, and in many applications can be used in place of two or more dry pumps for a highly cost-effective solution.

BOC Edwards innovative third generation screw technology employed in the new CDX range features a pair of variable pitch rotors machined to exacting tolerances with no need for coatings or a compression plate at the exhaust. The double-ended design removes the issue of axial forces on bearings giving increased bearing life. This is a problem with traditional screw designs, particularly when handling liquid slugs or viscous oils and tars. Variable pitch geometry provides staged compression along the length of the screw resulting in lower running temperatures and lower process power consumption.

Designed as a ‘dry’ system, the CDX 1000 has no lubricants under vacuum. This means there is no possibility of process contamination and a reduced environmental impact, as regular replacement of contaminated oil is not required. The bearing and gearbox lubrication system is cooled and filtered with easily accessible ‘spin-on’ filters, further reducing the cost of ownership.

The new CDX family complements BOC Edwards’ extensive range of oil-sealed and dry vacuum pumps. Dry pump solutions include the patented reversed claw, lobed/roots and scroll technologies. With the addition of the CDX range and the integration of the Stokes Vacuum (US), Hibon (France) and Hick Hargreaves (UK) businesses acquired in December 2001, BOC Edwards has the widest product range of any vacuum supplier, backed up by extensive technical support and know-how. This gives BOC Edwards the capability to offer the optimum solution for the broadest spectrum of applications.

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