New Controller Paltfrom from ProMinent


ProMinent will be unveiling its new Dulcometer Multi-Parameter Controller Dialog DACa. The Dialog DACa was developed for continuously measuring and controlling the parameters needed for water treatment.

New Controller Paltfrom from ProMinent

Dulcometer Multi-Parameter Controller Dialog DACa (Image: ProMinent

The new controller platform is taking the place of the D1Ca/D2Ca controller from ProMinent.

The multi-parameter controller is available in versions with one or two channels. The corresponding sensors can be connected per channel using an mV or mA input. Customers can choose from up to 14 different measured variables.

The measurement and control device can communicate with analogue sensors and actuators or digital ones if connected via a CANopen sensor/actuator bus. The Dialog DACa controller intelligently completes the control circuit between ProMinent Dulcotest sensors and ProMinent metering pumps.

Profibus-DP, Modbus RTU, OPC, LAN and WLAN are available for communication with the control level.

Applications focus on drinking water and sewage treatment, industrial and process water treatment and treating swimming pool water. The device parameters are stored and transferred using an SD card. The SD card is easy to access without opening the housing.

The multi-parameter controller s software functions can be upgraded later on using an activation key or firmware update.

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