ProMinent GmbH

Im Schuhmachergewann 5-11
69123 Heidelberg
Pump manufacturer

31.05.2023: ProMinent is Winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2023 Gold

24.05.2023: Metering Pumps Now Certified for Food Contact Under Reg. (EC) 1935/2004

05.04.2023: The Easy Way to Manage Chemicals

18.01.2023: Heidelberg technology to prevent water pollution

10.01.2023: Andreas Zühlcke Becomes Vice President Product Management & Marketing at ProMinent

28.09.2022: ProMinent Introduces New Bypass Armature for Sensors in Water Treatment

26.09.2022: ACHEMA 2022: “A resounding success”

07.02.2022: ProMinent: Using Polymers to Optimise Sludge Dewatering

07.12.2021: Environmentally-Friendly and Highly Efficient: New Ozone System for Water Treatment

10.11.2021: Dulcodes LP UV System to be Certified in line with the New Test Standard

18.08.2021: New Motor-Driven Metering Pump in Hygienic Design Variant

28.04.2021: Suction Lance with Continuous Level Measurement for Chemical Reach Prediction

02.03.2021: ProMinent Expands Performance Range of Peristaltic Metering Pumps

08.11.2019: Digital Fluid Management with DULCOnneX from ProMinent

07.06.2019: New Peristaltic Metering Pump Dulco flex Control from ProMinent

03.04.2019: ProMinent: New Metering Pumps for Digital Fluid Management

28.03.2019: ProMinent Presents Solenoid Diaphragm Metering Pump Gamma/ XL

04.07.2018: Dulcometer DACb – The Water Analysis All-rounder from ProMinent

25.06.2018: Motor-driven Meteing Pump Sigma X from ProMinent

27.10.2016: Metering Systems Dulcodos Universal by ProMinent

31.08.2015: ProMinent Presents New Website

12.06.2015: Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump Orlita Evolution

15.04.2015: Prominent Develops a New Metering Pump

05.03.2015: Low-chloride Disinfection Prevents Corrosion on Systems

14.05.2014: Compact Controller for Inductive Conductivity

08.05.2014: Prominent Introduces Electrolysis Systems for Economical Potable Water Disinfection

12.02.2014: Company Name Changed to ProMinent GmbH

29.08.2013: Disinfect Safely and Avoid System Corrosion

28.08.2013: Safe and Effective Chlorine Dioxide Generation

25.07.2013: ProMinent Opens Subsidiary in Colombia

25.04.2013: ProMinent Opens Subsidiary in Istanbul

28.02.2013: New Controller Paltfrom from ProMinent

22.02.2013: ProMinent Presents New Process Pump Zentriplex

15.02.2013: Motor-driven Metering Pump: More Efficiency and Better Metering Results

17.08.2012: New Controller Platform for Continuously Measuring and Controlling

09.08.2012: New Hydraulic Diaphragm Pump

02.08.2012: ProMinent: Hygienically Pure Water for Olympians

08.06.2012: New ProMinent Process Metering Pump Zentriplex

25.05.2012: Sigma Product Range – More Efficiency and Better Metering Results

15.06.2011: Testing of Process Pumps Also In Compliance with API 675

03.09.2010: Flow Meter for Pulsing Liquids

30.08.2010: Peristaltic Hose Pumps For Viscous and Abrasive Media

09.06.2010: Efficient Metering Systems for the Paper Industry

23.03.2010: Expansion of the production capacity for metering systems in Korea

05.03.2010: New ProMinent Solenoid Metering Pump Beta/ 4 and Beta/ 5

29.04.2009: ProMinent At the Achema 2009

27.10.2008: Ultromat Three-Chamber Continuous Flow Systems

03.07.2008: ProMinent ProMaqua Water Treatment for the Olympics

02.06.2008: Metering Small Quantities

22.02.2008: DULCOflex DF4a Peristaltic Pump for Flocculent Metering

26.10.2007: Consistent Gas-Free Metering of Liquids

17.08.2007: Dulcoflex DF3a Peristaltic Pump for Metering of Fragrances

12.06.2007: Continued Growth at ProMinent

04.06.2007: ProMinent is Awarded the Innovation Award “Industry 2007”

23.05.2007: Process Metering Pumps in Focus – Customer-orientated and worldwide presence

15.09.2003: ProMinent Dosing Pumps Measure up to New EU Ex Directive

22.10.2002: Sigma/ 1 – user-friendly metering pumps

27.08.2002: The new ProMinent Timer – much more than a simple timer

27.08.2002: Valveless control piston metering pump from ProMinent

01.08.2002: Makro/ 5 – The new, powerful dimension

09.03.2001: Flocculent Batching and Metering Systems now also available in Stainless Steel

23.01.2001: ProMinent® dulcoflex peristaltic pumps