ISH 2007: News About Wastewater and Sewage Technology


In this last part of the ISH report talks about the latest news in the technology sector of wastewater and sewage. In this part, the featured items are dewatering pumps and lifting stations.

Wastewater and Sewage Technology

The Unilift KP-S from Grundfos is a fully automatic sensor controlled basement dewatering pump, which has the control mounted as a compact unit at the pump head. The system works without movable floater parts and can therefor be used in small spaces. A shaft or container with a diameter of 200 mm is already enough to suite this pump.

HOMA C 237 WF SensoflatThe Chromatic C 237 WF Sensoflat by HOMA Pumpen is the first flat-suction pump with an automatic sensor switch. Being an ideal solution for flood protection, the pump already self-starts at a water level of 5 mm. It reliably pumps the leaking or entering water. The aggregate can pump up to 6000 l/h and is delivered ready-to-plug.

The compact submersible motor pump series Ready from ITT Flygt was especially developed for demanding applications. The new Ready 8S is a sludge pump that is suitable for delivering solid-containing wastewater for particle sizes of up to 38 mm. The robust design with a polyurethane pump housing is extremely wear-resistant. The ergonomically formed handle, the automated switch-off in exceptional situations like dry-running and the cable plug system ease the mobile application under harsh conditions.

With the series 2600 ITT Flygt introduces a new dewatering pump fort he use in abrasive conditions like construction sites or mining. The completely new robust pumps are available in 6 sizes between 0,85 and 18 kW. The innovative hydraulic with less parts, new materials and a practical and ergonomic design guarantees an efficient operation, easy maintenance and low total lifetime costs.

Jung Pumpen U 5Starting immediately, the wastewater specialist Jung Pumpen offers the U 5 KS Niro – a new „super hero“ in its range for basement dewatering pumps. Based on the proven technology of the samller U 3 KS Niro, the new pump features - among other things - an extremely high operational safety. No matter if used in a fixed storage tank or mobile applications, the versatile and powerful submersible motor pump ensures reliable pumping of domestic gray water.

Jung Pumpen U S Furthermore, Jung Pumpen introduces its extended range of the US wastewater pumps. Core of this optimized product range is the new submersible motor pump series US 75-155. It has a free passage of 50 mm and a pressure output of 2“ safely disposing even solids-containing wastewater.

Jung Pumpen’s new software tool supports the optimal pump selection. Besides a comprehensive mathematical formula collection the „CalculationKit“ offers tools fort he calculation of a desired duty point of a wastewater pump. The software tool is available for free download effective immediately.

With its qualification program Jung Pumpen offers comprehensive seminars to the trades in this line of business with technical and business related topics. Jung Pumpen wants to help the market-oriented companies within the SHK Handwerk (sanitary, heating and climate trades) to explore new turnover potential in the wastewater sector.

The Chineese pump manufacturer Zhejiang Leo shows the CWQ wastewater pumps with cutter. The aggregates, designed for the delivery of solids or fiber containing fluids are available in a range from 0,55 to 15 kW, up to 360 m³/h and a max. head of 40 m.

Lifting Stations and Backwater Protection

Jung Pumpen U 5 ACO Passavant GmbH presents the new brand name ACO Haustechnik (ACO Building Technology) and introduces new innovative products centered around building dewatering. For the backwater protection the company presents the new backwater shutter ACO Triplex-K and ACO Quatrix-K especially suitable for building reconstruction. They offer highest safety and are particularly easy to install. Due to the small offset of 12 mm between intake and outlet the new backwater shutters can be applied for fluids with or without faecal matter. Also, they can now be professionally installed in reconstruction with a minimum effort. On top of that, ACO Haustechnik introduces a new generation of grease traps especially suited for reconstruction in existing basements. This new high-power trap system has a lifetime of more than 25 years. The ACO grease traps can be delivered according to request in stainless steel (1.4571) or synthetic (polyethylene). The special form of the grease traps guarantees highest safety at a low product weight.

The Saniquick UFT extends the product range of HOMA Pumpen by a new wastewater double lifting station. The complete system automatically disposes wastewater below the backwater level and ensures a reliable basement dewatering in flooded rooms. The ready-to-connect aggregate consists of a sturdy underfloor-mounted collection shaft with guard and floor output, two powerful pumps from the Chromatic or TP 28 series with non-return valve and pressure side piping and a pneumatic level control.

Further on, HOMA presents the Saniflux V, a small lifting station designed for front-wall installation directly connected to the toilet, washbasin or shower in rooms below the backwater level. The minimum space it requires and the flexible connection options ensure a versatile application.

Jung Pumpen U 5 The new version of the WCfix 260 V by Jung Pumpen is a strategic advancement of the successful small lifting station for the installation in a front-wall system. With a modified hydraulic and an optimized pump ventilation system toilets with a 6 liter flush container can be connected. At the same time, the noise level of this small lifting station was reduced to a minimum.

ITT Flygt MicrostationThe Microstation from Flygt ITT Flygt is a small lifting station that complies with the EN 12050 standard for underfloor mounting in buildings.

With "Wilo-DrainLift XS-F" Wilo, the pump expert from Dortmund presented a new sewage lifting unit for front-wall applications. It is connected directly behind the toilet and it is designed for applications according to DIN EN 12050-3 as well as DIN 1986-100. In addition to the pumping of sewage from an individual toilet, the connection to a wash basin, a shower or a bidet is possible, too. According to the manufacturer the small lifting unit presented in Frankfurt is characterised by an extremely low-noise operation for high user convenience. They are delivered ready-to-plug and with comprehensive accessories.

Zehnder SWH 100 With the SWH 100 series Zehnder introduces a ready-to-plug sewage lifting station that has a switch with an acoustic alarm annunciator integrated into the case lid in order to monitor the water level. Flexible connection options ensure easy maintenance and mounting. The lifting station is suitable for floor-mounted installations under sinks and it has a separate washing machine connection.

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