GEA Awarded Top Rankings on CDP’s Water Management and Climate Benchmark Lists

CDP assessed GEA’s efforts in the “water” category for the first time, awarding it an excellent “A” score; GEA also maintained last year’s “A-” rating in the climate benchmark.
GEA Awarded Top Rankings on CDP’s Water Management and Climate Benchmark Lists

GEA Awarded Top Rankings on CDP’s Water Management and Climate Benchmark Lists (Image source: GEA)

This year for the first time, GEA was evaluated by CDP (formerly the “Carbon Disclosure Project”) in the “water management” category of its sustainability rankings and was awarded the highest possible leadership level rating for its responsible water stewardship. In addition, GEA again scored “A-” for its climate protection activities, confirming its position among the world’s leading companies on climate action.

“Being instantly confirmed in the top-ranking cluster of disclosing companies for water management and holding on to our very good position in the climate protection category is a great achievement for GEA,” says Stefan Klebert, CEO of GEA Group AG. “In a year when the COVID-19 pandemic presented us with many additional challenges, receiving this distinction is even more meaningful. We remain fully committed to following our purpose of ‘engineering for a better world’.”

In its Global Risk Report 2019, the World Economic Forum identified the stable supply of high-quality water to the world’s population as one of the primary environmental challenges for the upcoming decades. With this in mind, GEA strives to ensure the conservation of resources not only at its own sites but also when it comes to customer processes and their facilities. For example, since 2019 GEA has used a global water risk map provided by the Water Resource Institute to monitor GEA locations that are under water stress. The Group also identifies the impact of water scarcity on GEA’s production and, where necessary, initiates water conservation projects focused on reclamation and reducing consumption.

In addition, GEA’s efficient products and process solutions, including water treatment decanters and zero liquid discharge milk processing plants, promote sustainable water management among its customers. “As a high-tech company, we are fortunate to be able to use smart engineering to tangibly contribute to reducing our customers’ resource consumption,” explains Stefan Klebert. “From reducing water consumption to the water-neutral operation of entire production plants, we deliver key technologies that are shaping the discourse on responsible water usage.”

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