Papantonatos Introduces New Centrifugal Impeller

PXFLOW has developed a new semi open centrifugal impeller for wastewater pumps capable of handling raw, unscreened sewage containing solids or long fibered material.
Papantonatos Introduces New Centrifugal Impeller

S-Channel Impeller (Image source: Papantonatos)

The S-Channel impeller is equipped with twin "S" channel blades that extend on the hub body allowing its self-cleaning characteristics to work together as system with a long deep sharp groove on the wear plate.

The system described above is designed with a build in, integral "cutter-pin" on the suction entrance that prevents clogging, passing solids away from the suction area through the impeller blades or through the groove as a result.

The wear plate with its 'reducer' clearances system can be re-positioned axially in order to reduce the clearances between the impeller and wear plate.

A variety of 3 different impeller types (close Channel, vortex and semi open ‘’S’’ Channel) allows to choose the right one for each application.

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