Dulcoflex DF3a Peristaltic Pump for Metering of Fragrances


The new Dulcoflex DF3a peristaltic pump has been specially developed for the purpose of effectively metering fragrances in wellness facilities. This pump can be used wherever it is necessary to meter fragrances in small quantities.

Dulcoflex DF3a Peristaltic Pump for Metering of Fragrances

Dulcoflex DF3a peristaltic pump for metering fragrances in saunas, steam baths and whirlpools. Together with two Dulcoflex DF2a metering pumps, three different scents can be metered at different times.

Typical applications include the fragrance infusion of douse water in saunas, steam baths and whirlpools.

With the introduction of the Dulcoflex DF3a, the Heidelberg-based manufacturer ProMinent has enhanced its DF series of peristaltic metering pumps. Depending on the version, the DF3a offers a metering capacity of 0.4, 0.8, 1.6 or 2.4 l/h. Compared to the DF2a peristaltic pump, the DF3a additionally features a programmable process control facility for the timing of the metering procedure. Integrated relays for activating solenoid valves ensure corresponding cut-in or cut-out of water and scent concentrates.

Four buttons at the front ensure the DF3a peristaltic pump is easy and fast to program. Language-neutral user prompting facilitates easy programming and setup. When and for how long fragrances or dilution water is to be fed in is entered in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner. How often and at what intervals the program is repeated can be easily set as well as the fragrance metering rate and the addition of dilution water.

During operation, the parameters of the current procedure – such as the remaining metering time of the concentrate or of the water – are shown in real time on the two-line liquid crystal display.

The compact pump uses hose lines to take the fragrances from commercially available canisters. If different scent concentrates are to be fed in, two DF2a pumps can be additionally integrated in the program sequence of the DF3a timing control. In this way, up to three different fragrances can be metered at different times. The DF3a comes already equipped for straightforward electrical connection of these two pumps. The additional pumps can be connected directly to built-in terminal contacts. In this way, they are powered directly by the DF3a controller and actuated corresponding to the set program.

Since the fragrances to be metered are supplied in the form of a concentrate, a corresponding quantity of water should be added to dilute the concentrate during the feed procedure. In this way, it is also possible to individually adjust the scent intensity. At the same time, the system ensures that no oil concentrate reaches the hot surface of the dousing stones, thus reliably preventing ignition or even detonation of combustible essential oils.


The DF3a peristaltic pump is equipped with various safety functions.

For instance, it can show whether there is still sufficient concentrate or dilution water left in the attached reservoirs. Connection terminals for the level switches necessary for this purpose are already built into the DF3a.

With the integrated operating hours counters for three pumps it is possible to precisely determine how long each individual pump and its hoses are in operation. The operating hours counter of the respective pump can be reset to zero after replacing a hose. In this way it is not possible to forget a hose change which is required only after 500 hours of operation thanks to the outstanding durability of the hose.

Economy Mode

Economy mode is an additional convenient feature offered by the Dulcoflex DF3a. In this mode, the fragrances are fed only when required. For instance, the pump can be activated by a door switch or motion sensor on entering the sauna. The switch or sensor is simply connected to the corresponding contact input of the DF3a. The "active time" with its programmed feed cycles starts as soon as the sauna is entered. On completion of the metering program, the pump will automatically switch over to power-saving standby mode if it is no longer activated within a defined period of time. This economy mode correspondingly helps to reduce power consumption and saves fragrances. The pump can be activated at any time in standby mode by simply pressing the start button on the front panel of the device.

Splash-Water Protected

The pump's quiet running synchronous motor is built into an enclosure with protection class IP 65. This high protection class guarantees that no water can enter the peristaltic pump even when cleaning the sauna area intensively with a water jet or at very high humidity levels in steam baths. The electronic control of the DF3a is therefore reliably protected.

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