Expansion and Upgrade Verderflex iDura Family

Verder Liquids is proud to announce an expansion and upgrade to the Verderflex iDura peristaltic pump range. The new additions to the family include the iDura 45, iDura 55, iDura 55HF, iDura 65 and the iDura 80. The Verder IoT application has also been introduced to enable online data monitoring across the entire iDura range, from 5 to 80.
Expansion and Upgrade Verderflex iDura Family

Expansion and upgrade Verderflex iDura Family, Now available on the full range with IoT functionality. (Image source: Verder Liquids BV)

The iDura peristaltic pump family has been redesigned with advanced engineering and cutting-edge features. Making these pumps the ultimate choice for a wide range of applications from filter press application, water treatment to food and beverage production and many more.

Verder’s IoT monitoring application
The intelligent control system offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience, with integrated smart technology for easy monitoring and adjustment of pump parameters. The Verder IoT monitoring application allows users to track pump data on their mobile devices, enhancing productivity and saving maintenance resources. The pump's modular design ensures easy maintenance, while its energy efficiency supports sustainability goals. Additionally, the Remote Assistant app enables smartphone-based checks for critical functions and early issue alerts.

Remote Assistant in action
Already available on the Verderflex Ds500, the app has now been expanded to provide the same benefits on the entire iDura range. It is even possible to retrofit IoT functionality to previously installed iDura pumps. Watch the video to see the Remote Assistant in action!
Verder Liquids | IoT enabled pumps

The key benefits of the iDura 5-80:

  • 'Ready to use' plug and play design
  • Integral hose burst detection
  • A single or three phase IP66 inverter
  • Scalable 4-20mA speed control input as standard
  • IoT enabled: Remote Assistant monitoring
  • Easy maintenance, saving time and resources
  • Enhances productivity and reduces downtime

Industries and Applications
Verder's expanded and upgraded iDura peristaltic pump range offers a reliable and innovative solution that drives progress and unlocks endless possibilities. The iDura range is suitable for filter presses, water treatment, chemical processing, food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, and other industries that require fluid handling solutions.

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