CIRCOR Commits to Digital Transformation 

CIRCOR International, Inc. demonstrates progress on their digital transformation journey with the launch of their new website alongside the prior launches of CIRCORSmart App and CIRCOR Remote Service augmented reality solution.
CIRCOR Commits to Digital Transformation 

New website, CIRCORSmart App, and CIRCOR Remote Service signal CIRCOR’s digital future. (Image source: CIRCOR International, Inc.)

These three technological advancements to the CIRCOR brand are part of a larger trend towards the use of digital assets for the education of users.

CIRCOR’s new website design features easier navigation that provides multiple entry points for users to find the information they want and need more intuitively and quickly. Additional enhancements including a product pre-selector, virtual platforms and, on deck, an aftermarket portal provide users with a more engaging online experience. The new site at signals CIRCOR’s future digital direction to their customers and markets.

The CIRCORSmart app allows operators and maintenance technicians to track maintenance on each product, take detailed notes and store them, and attach photos and important files for future use. The ability to keep track of product maintenance information at all times contributes to reduced downtime. CIRCORSmart elevates productivity by making it easy to access product-specific instructional manuals and videos, search FAQs and troubleshooting tips, contact product specialists, review material records, and initiate spare parts requests.

CIRCOR’s Remote Service augmented reality solutions is defined by ease of business and user flexibility, which is demonstrated throughout all its features. The solution provides support via video-call, and also offers a chat box for assistance over text. Troubleshooting can also be stored as a working file, and the solution’s history database improves knowledge, solution finding, and efficiency. CIRCOR’s Remote Service also works with low bandwidth, allowing for the solution to function with a range of different connectivity levels.

“Global changes demand new solutions and approaches,” shares Roland Allen, Product Manager, Digital Experience, at CIRCOR International. “In line with our digital transformation initiatives, we are integrating digital service solutions such as our augmented reality Remote Service. We are always looking for innovative ways of making business easier.”

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