BUTTING in China Certified to ISO 14001

Companies like BUTTING must take responsibility for the world of tomorrow – through sustainable business and the prudent use of resources. Now BUTTING's environmental management in China has also been certified to ISO 14001 at the production site in Tieling.
BUTTING in China Certified to ISO 14001

Image source: H. Butting GmbH & Co. KG

The basis for the successful certification was an environmental policy that was set out in writing and communicated to all employees by the company management. This reflects our commitment to environmental protection and the continuous improvement of our environmental performance. Jens Ellermann, Managing Director of BUTTING in China, explains, "For us it is not just a certificate – for us it is an attitude. That is why we have implemented numerous measures to train our employees in this, to sensitise them and give them accountability." As well as additional information and warning signs on the company premises, training sessions and environmental protection campaigns were held. "For example, before a barbecue event, we started a joint clean-up and rubbish collection campaign," the managing director recalls.

This certification confirms BUTTING's ongoing commitment to environmental management and shows that we are on the right track in terms of environmentally conscious and sustainable behaviour at all our sites. Jens Ellermann: "This qualification confirms our environmental commitment to our international clientele in the plant engineering and process technology sectors, and is also compelling in supplier audits. We will continue to pursue this path together with our employees in the future."

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