CIRCOR Further Enhances Digital Experience with Updates to the CIRCORSmart App

CIRCOR International, Inc. continuously enhances the digital experience of its consumers by updating its CIRCORSmart app. This app provides a broad range of capabilities, giving users secure, round-the-clock access to critical technical information for over 860,000 products from any web-connected device.
CIRCOR Further Enhances Digital Experience with Updates to the CIRCORSmart App

New features include hydrogen ready check and information about spare parts and products. (Image source: CIRCOR International, Inc.)

CIRCOR’s latest round of updates further expand the functionality and number of products covered by the app, putting even more power at the tip of users’ fingers.

One of the innovative new capabilities included in the updates is a hydrogen ready check. This feature allows users to check whether their RTK valves are ready for the hydrogen fuel economy. Expanding on the order and request quotes feature for spare parts, RTK now offers cover gaskets, spindle packing, cones, flange connections, seat rings and diaphragms for their valves as well as potentiometer, REPOS, transmitter, and feedback module for their React actuators at the simple click of a button. This makes all necessary details available 24 hours a day for channel partners to check, approve, and confirm the latest prices and discounts to our customers. In line with the expansion of available product information in CIRCORSmart, Schroedahl channel partners are overwhelmed to be able to obtain the standard replacement valve prices.

With Leslie Regulators and R.G. Laurence, two new product lines have been introduced into CIRCORSmart. Leslie regulators have established themselves as a flow control engineered solution. Customers globally across the power generation, maritime, industrial, and oil and gas industries trust these regulators for challenging applications, including those that demand 99% accuracy and severe service control valves requiring near 0% leakage.

R.G. Laurence valves continue CIRCOR’s legacy of innovation. These on/off control valves prove effective in conditions that demand quick opening and tight shutoff, such as applications in power and process sectors. The tough structure of these products also qualifies them as the valve of choice for high temperature and severe service situations. Like the Leslie regulators, the CIRCORSmart app makes this product available at all times for users to access critical product performance and maintenance information. New products will be accordingly equipped with the CIRCORSmart QR code. It is also possible to upgrade legacy products with a new name plate to include the QR code for scanning via the app. Please reach out to your local CIRCOR representative to find out more.

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