Freudenberg FST GmbH

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69469 Weinheim  
Component manufacturer

14.05.2024: Freudenberg Acquires Trygonal Group

02.02.2024: Major Boost in Order Volume: High-Performance Rod Seal for Portable Insulin Pump

09.10.2023: High-Performance Material Offers Alternative to PTFE: Better Properties At Lower Costs

25.09.2023: Of Eucalyptus and Bone Ash

14.08.2023: Patented Sealing Solution to Improve Drinking Water

26.04.2023: Peroxidic-Crosslinked Fluoroelastomer from Freudenberg Meets the Latest Regulatory Requirements of the Process Industry

10.03.2023: Smart Seals Offer Significant Data on the Service Life of the Seal

14.02.2023: Freudenberg Sealing Technologies determines carbon footprint of seals

03.02.2023: Freudenberg Develops Sealing Solution for First EHEDG-Compliant Tubular Heat Exchanger

12.09.2022: Freudenberg Develops Food Legislation-Compliant Seals for an Innovative Water-Hydraulic Process Valve

27.05.2022: Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Board of Management Realigns

20.04.2022: Freudenberg Presents New High-Performance Materials for the Food and Beverage Industry

09.06.2021: Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Introduces Retrofittable Monitoring System

20.11.2020: New High-Performance Seals for Butterfly Valves

21.08.2020: New Hygienic Product Line for Food and Beverage Applications

13.07.2020: Freudenberg Expands Engineering Services

15.06.2020: Freudenberg Sealing Technologies develops special sealing solution for hygienic high-pressure valve

19.12.2019: Freudenberg Develops Next-Generation Low Friction Bearing for Improved Lubrication

04.12.2019: Freudenberg: New Coating Reduces Wear and Shaft Runout in the Seal

05.09.2019: VMQ Materials From Freudenberg Meet High Chinese GB Standards