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15.05.2024: Celeros Flow Technology Offers Pipelines Constant Protection from Surge Events

14.03.2024: Quick Opening Closures from Celeros Flow Technology Support Safe and Cost-Efficient Operation

27.02.2024: Versatile and Reliable Heavy Duty BB3 Pumps for Multistage Applications

17.01.2024: Fluid Handling Solutions Evolve to Meet Needs of Larger Offshore Wind Turbines

14.12.2023: Celeros Flow Technology Wins Contract to Supply EDF with RPE Pumps

23.11.2023: Celeros Flow Technology Strengthens Support Network for Valves Customers in Central & Eastern Europe

18.10.2023: Celeros Flow Technology Closes Sale of its Filtration Business to PX3 Partners

07.09.2023: New CFT-Green Valve Packing System Reduces Fugitive Emissions and Enhances Safety of Pipelines

23.05.2023: Celeros Flow Technology Progresses its Strategic Transformation

17.05.2023: Very Large Diameter Bandlock 2 Closures from Celeros Flow Technology

14.03.2023: DANFLO Surge Relief Systems Provide Critical Protection Against Pipeline Surge and Pressure Spikes

10.03.2023: Celeros Flow Technology Secures 10-Year LTA with EDF for Nuclear Power Pump Maintenance

28.02.2023: Celeros Flow Technology Strengthens Leadership Team With Appointment of New COO

21.02.2023: Process Flow Analysis Resolves Filter Change Out Issues at Steel Plant

13.01.2023: New Liquid/Liquid Coalescers from Celeros Flow Technology

30.05.2022: Plenty Compact Backflushing Filters from Celeros Flow Technology

19.05.2022: Celeros Flow Technology Injects New Life Into 40 Year Old SAGD Pump

29.04.2022: Pump Re-Engineering Solutions from Celeros Flow Technology can Optimize Performance and Reduce TCO

07.04.2022: Materials Upgrade to Refinery Boiler Feed Pumps Delivers ROI Within One Year

25.02.2022: Copes-Vulcan Severe Duty Valves from Celeros Flow Technology for Extreme Operating and Environmental Conditions

26.01.2022: Direct Steam Conditioning Valves from Celeros Flow Technology

06.10.2021: Does the Pipeline Access System Causing a Financial Blind Spot?

14.07.2021: Tommy Kassem Joins Celeros Flow Technology as its New Chief Commercial Officer

28.06.2021: New K+S Salt Extraction Plant Is Brought Online with Engineering Support from Celeros

21.06.2021: Emphasis on Speed and Simplicity: Standardized Range of Reciprocating Pump

01.06.2021: Celeros Flow Technology Solves Pump Performance Issues for Major Water Customer

27.05.2021: High-Capacity Filtration Solutions Deliver High Contaminant Retention Efficiency

09.12.2020: Improvement of Environmental Performance and Uptime at European Oil Refinery

24.11.2020: Uniglide-e Pump from Celeros Flow Technology Offers Improved Reliability and Energy Saving Potential

09.04.2020: Launch of Celeros Flow Technology radically alters flow technology sector