New CFT-Green Valve Packing System Reduces Fugitive Emissions and Enhances Safety of Pipelines

Celeros Flow Technology has launched an innovative sealing system – the CFT-Green Valve Packing System – which reduces fugitive emissions across pipelines and provides a safe and efficient sealing solution for valves. Engineers in the oil and gas, chemical, and power generation industries can now increase safety across their facilities and pipeline networks.
New CFT-Green Valve Packing System Reduces Fugitive Emissions and Enhances Safety of Pipelines

The CFT Green Valve Packing System provides a safe and efficient sealing solution for valves to minimize fugitive emissions in pipelines. (Image source: Celeros Flow Technology)

Fugitive emissions occur when a valve leaks, and gases or liquids are released into the surrounding environment. It is critical to protect against fugitive emissions because they could have devastating consequences on the environment through the release of harmful pollutants, as well as posing a health and safety risk to people from the risk of explosion. Additionally, they could potentially cost an operator millions in lost product, fines and clean-up operations. The novel CFT-Green Valve Packing System is based on a unique stem spring loaded seal mechanism that provides superior performance and offers outstanding reliability with minimal maintenance. As a result, the solution enables users to minimize emissions, and thus reduce the risk of environmental damage, while improving safety.

Traditionally, stationary loading packing seal solutions have been used to control fugitive emissions, but this type of packing gradually wears and fatigues, requiring regular adjustment. However, CFT-Green needs no packing tightness intervention during the seal’s lifetime. The spring in CFT-Green exerts constant and reliable pressure on the sealing element, ensuring a tight and robust seal even under extreme conditions, and the force from the spring helps to maintain the correct levels of compression throughout the seal’s long lifetime. This is a vast improvement compared with conventional packing, which suffers from loss of torque over time, resulting in process fluid leakage.

This next generation spring seal provides exceptional reliability over a long lifetime, as the packing materials have been carefully selected for their resistance to high temperatures and pressures as well as their ability to withstand harsh environments and corrosive fluids. A key advantage of the CFT-Green valve stem spring loaded seals is their ability to accommodate slight misalignments or deformations in the valve stem or the valve body. This can help to prevent leaks and further reduce the need for frequent maintenance or repair of the valve, ultimately improving uptime.

The CFT-Green Valve Packing System is designed and manufactured by the M&J Valve brand of Celeros Flow Technology in Houston, Texas. It is the perfect choice for critical or frequently cycled applications as well as for valves that are not used for extended periods of time in remote and inaccessible locations. The seal is available in a range of sizes to meet the specific needs of an application. The CFT-Green is engineered to meet and exceed industry standards for fugitive emissions control and fire safety, enabling engineers to comply with regulations and reduce the risk of environmental contamination. The seals are certified to ISO 15848-1 Fugitive Emissions type tests and ISO 15848-2 Fugitive Emissions production tests, as well as the API 6FA and ISO 10497 standard for valve fire test.

The team of experts at Celeros Flow Technology works closely with customers to determine the best sealing solution for their valves, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. Experienced technicians are on hand to provide support and guidance, ensuring that valves operate safely and efficiently.  In addition to providing high-quality fugitive emission valve stem packing, Celeros Flow Technology has a wide range of flow control solutions and services including installation, maintenance and repair that can keep pipeline networks both productive and safe.

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