BWT Wassertechnik GmbH

Industriestraße 7
​69198 Schriesheim

27.07.2015: Publication of BWT Documents for Merger with BWT Holding AG and Delisting

18.03.2015: BWT Announces Annual Results for 2014

14.08.2014: BWT Announces Results for First Half-year 2014

16.05.2014: BWT Announces Results for the First Quarter of 2014

19.03.2014: BWT Group Announces Its Final Results for the 2013 Financial Year

14.11.2013: BWT Reports on the First Three Quarters 2013

20.09.2013: BWT’s New Pharmaceutical Water System Makes Drug Manufacturing Safer

29.05.2013: BWT Reports First Quarter Results Increasing Investments

24.04.2013: BWT Reports Final Results 2012

21.03.2013: BWT Gives Families in Cambodia Access to Clean Drinking Water

22.03.2012: Safe Drinking Water Using BWT Anti-arsenic Filters

05.01.2011: BWT Speeds Up Investment and Gives Outlook on the Year 2011

24.11.2010: BWT On Target in Q3 After Increase in Revenues and EBIT

11.08.2010: BWT in the First Half-year: Revenues and EBITDA +15%

19.07.2010: BWT Acquires UK-Subsidiary from Culligan-Group

17.08.2009: BWT Strengthens Balance Sheet

17.07.2009: BWT Takes Over Pharmaceutical Water Business from CHRIST

29.05.2009: BWT in the First Quarter: Restrained Decline in Revenues and Income

03.04.2009: BWT Extends Market Leadership Proceeding Fit and Well Equipped into a Challenging Year 2009

24.11.2008: Very positive cash flow for BWT

10.09.2008: BWT Presents World Novelty on the World Water Congress 2008

19.04.2006: BWT Annual Financial Statements 2005

06.12.2005: BWT Posts Sales and Earnings Increase

29.06.2005: BWT is Planning to Spin off Christ Water Technology

08.04.2005: 2004 Results for BWT

18.03.2005: BWT Expands US Activities

15.03.2005: AQA Total Energy – New Standards for Drinking Water

03.03.2005: BWT With Record Results in 2004

09.02.2005: 2004 Frost & Sullivan Market Penetration Leadership Award goes to BWT

17.12.2004: Aqua Engineering Wins Contract for Desalination Plants

19.11.2004: BWT Continues on Road to Success

15.09.2004: BWT Acquires Benchem

13.08.2004: BWT Results First Half 2004 – Dynamic Growth in all Business Segments

14.05.2004: BWT Generates Growth During Q1

05.04.2004: BWT Business Development 2003

26.03.2004: BWT Subsidiary CHRIST Acquires Waterman Purification Ltd, Dublin

27.11.2003: BWT AG (Austria) Appoints Head of Investor Relations and Group Communications

14.11.2003: BWT Results For the 3rd Quarter of 2003

08.09.2003: Change in BWT Management

14.08.2003: BWT in the 1st half year: Varying Results in Two Main Divisions

25.07.2003: BWT Sales and Earnings Performance 2003

16.05.2003: BWT – first quarter 2003 results: Sales and earnings decline

15.04.2003: BWT Balance Sheet Presentation – Highlights of 2002

03.03.2003: Provisional BWT results for 2002: Sales and earnings expectations met

15.11.2002: BWT records turnover and earnings growth after 9 months