ZUWA Impeller Pump with Pneumatic Drive


The pump manufacturer ZUWA is presenting the combination of a ZUWA Impeller Pump with a pneumatic motor. The new pump is designed to be used at body shops and gas stations where the available compressed air can be utilized.

ZUWA Impeller Pump with Pneumatic Drive

ZUWA Impeller Pump with a pneumatic motor

With a weight of only 1,7 kg the pump is extremely light and can be used easily almost anywhere. The extremely durable impeller is suitable for a wide variety of fluids, including Diesel, oil and antifreeze. The pump is dry self priming and requires no prefilling prior to use. It operates pulsation free and also transports solid particles like sedimentations in waste oil.

To avoid pump overrotation a drill s depth stop and a small adapter provide for the fixation the unit. Quick and easy assembly allows for immediate use. Input and output hoses are attached via threaded couplings to prevent leaks. The pump housing manufactured from aluminium or stainless steel can be easily opened for cleaning and maintaining.

The small pneumatic motor operates at 3000 rpm with a positive pressure of 4 bar and a flow rate of 30 litres per minute.

ZUWA will be presentin the new Impeller Pump at the Automechanika in Frankfurt from 14 to 19 September.

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