Xylem Expands Range of Top-Entry Agitators with New Versatile Model


Xylem, a global water technology company, has expanded its range of top-entry agitators with the launch of a new and versatile model suitable for a wide range of mixing scenarios. Xylem’s Flygt 4840 top-entry agitator can be used in a variety of industries, including municipal wastewater, municipal potable water, biogas and agriculture, as well as food and beverage.

Xylem’s portfolio of top-entry agitators are ideally suited for nutrient removal and can be specifically used for sludge handling, anaerobic zones, denitrification, flocculation, heat transfer and slurry handling.

The Flygt 4840 agitator is a dry-installed mixer with the motor and controls located outside of the liquid being mixed. The result is a low-maintenance agitator, easily accessible for servicing, as well as more hygienic for operators. The agitator also offers minimal power consumption thanks to lower revolutions per minute (RPMs).

According to Per Selenius, Xylem’s top-entry agitator product manager, “This new top-entry agitator is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of mixing scenarios, including sludge pits and secondary treatment. It can also be used as a flash mixer and can be configured with either one, two or three impellers.”

Xylem’s Flygt 4840 top-entry agitator features a three-blade, hydrofoil impeller, available in high-alloy steel, capable of withstanding high temperatures and in a diameter of 0.8 to 1.5 metres. As an alternative option, the agitator may also be configured using the signature Flygt yellow ‘banana blade’ impellers; the backswept design of the blades ensures clog-free operation.

The Flygt 4840 agitator features adjustable positioning which optimises bulk flow and prevents the formation of surface scum, while a bottom support bearing securely fixes the shaft to the basin floor, eliminating agitator and bridge vibration and maintaining stability.

Flygt top-entry agitators are engineered to withstand tens of thousands of hours of continuous mixing. With the launch of the Flygt 4840 model, Xylem’s top-entry agitator portfolio now consists of four models. Each can be tailored to individual process needs and configured with a single impeller or multiple impellers up to 4 metres in diameter.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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