Valves for ANSI-compliant Power Plants


In response to the large demand for power plant valves in countries using ANSI/ASME standards, the KSB Group has further developed and completed its range of gate valves, globe valves and check valves.

Valves for ANSI-compliant Power Plants

Gate valve of the SICCA 2500 type series for use in power plants built to ANSI/ASME standards. (© KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal, Germany)

Under the type series names SICCA and ZTS, KSB valves now cover all pressure classes up to ANSI Class 4500. Their nominal diameters range from ½ to 32 inch. Operating temperatures, depending on the material, can be as high as 650 °C/1,200 °F. The maximum permissible pressure equals 600 bar or 8,700 psi.

Forged and cast steels to ASTM standard are used as materials. Depending on the type, the valves are designed for shutting off or throttling boiler feed water, steam and condensate.

They are manufactured at KSB sites in Germany and India to uniform quality standards to ensure that products and service are available worldwide.

The demand for ANSI valves is great, especially in the growing markets of China, India and the USA, as well as in Europe. By adding these valves to its programme, KSB has countered the decreasing demand for power plant valves to DIN standard.

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