“The Future is Connected” – Connectivity as the Key to the Digital World of Pump System Solutions


Positioning itself as a solutions provider, Wilo not only offers digital products themselves, but also takes a digital approach to the choice, management, commissioning and monitoring of the pumps – as well as the associated service before, during and after installation.

Along with network-compatible products, such as the Wilo-Stratos MAXO and modules which can be retrofitted to other Wilo pumps, the Wilo-Assistant App is Wilo’s connectivity centrepiece. “We are making use of the digital transformation at all levels in order to provide our customers with additional benefits,” explains Tobias Groß, who is responsible for Digital Marketing at Wilo. “Using this approach, we support tradespeople, consultants, operators and plant manufacturers with planning and customer support – and with installation and commissioning. So in this context, we’re really talking about a holistic approach.”

An assistant app as a central starting point

Wilo pumps are delivered equipped with a suitable digital interface, or can alternatively be upgraded using an IF module. The Wilo-Assistant App acts as a central starting point and is now optimised to provide customer guidance. The app makes the whole digital world of Wilo products and services available to customers. Tutorials make it easy to get started, and the comprehensive search function helps users find information on any topic across the whole app. The Smart Connect function can be used both to install products and to call up data on their operating status: “The features range from customisation of the pump, for example by showing its location or by giving it a name, to live monitoring and the display of measurement values such as speed, power consumption, and flow rate,” says Dr Alexander Coers, responsible for connective pump solutions at Wilo. In addition to this, there are functions such as the basic device configuration and direct communication with the product – to document its maintenance, fault and settings history, for example. Furthermore, the Solar Connect function in the app enables the Wilo-Actun OPTI-MS to be controlled using remote access.

Connectivity as the basis for an all-round carefree package

The customer also has access to Wilo’s expanded range of services through Care Connect. “The services we offer here make up our all-round carefree package,” explains Niko Kösling from Wilo Group Service. “We utilise the connectivity features to make the process of fulfilling maintenance contracts as easy as possible for system operators.” This involves remotely monitoring data and adjusting settings via remote access. “The data for these processes is only available in the Wilo Cloud and cannot be accessed externally. This enables us to guarantee the highest levels of data security, and to ensure that third parties cannot gain unauthorised access,” says Kösling.

Source: WILO SE

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