Texas Student Wins U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize


Xylem congratulates Perry Alagappan of Houston, Texas, as the 2015 winner of the United States Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP), the world’s most prestigious youth award for water-related science and technology projects.

Alagappan’s project, “Novel Renewable Filter for Heavy Metal Removal: A Practical Application of Functionalized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes,” focused on developing an effective, renewable filter to remove toxic heavy metal contaminants that permeate our water supplies due to the proliferation of electronic waste. The project received the top honor out of the 50 state entries at the national competition held in Herndon, Virginia from June 19-20. In August, Alagappan will represent the United States at the International Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition in Stockholm, Sweden, where he will compete with 30 other students from around the world. Alagappan will also receive a $10,000 scholarship toward enhancing his water science education.

Xylem has been a sponsor of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize for the past 17 years and was a leading voice in its creation. Through its corporate citizenship and social investment program, Xylem Watermark, Xylem is working to build awareness and demand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and careers, particularly in the field of water technology.

“Innovation and education are critical to creating social impact. Through Xylem Watermark, we are committed to providing solutions to communities in need of water and promoting education about water issues,” said Colin Sabol, Chairman of the Xylem Watermark Committee at Xylem. “As a long-time supporter of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, we continue to be inspired by the next generation of water solvers.”

Natalie Bush of Baton Rouge, Louisiana was also recognized as the winner of the 2015 Bjorn von Euler Innovation in Water Award. The $1,000 scholarship recognizes projects that demonstrate a unique passion for education, spirit of creativity and innovation. It honors the work of former Water Environment Federation (WEF) board member and retired Xylem Watermark Director, Bjorn von Euler.

The winners’ project, entitled ‘Mitigation of Hypoxic Ecosystems Using Hemolymph Analysis of Callinectes sapidus and Procambarus clarkii in Relation to Spartina Grasses, Year 2,’ quantified the land loss of Isle Dernière and then determined the relationship between diffused oxygen in water and time with the behavioral and physiological health of Callinectes sapidus (blue crab) and Procambarus clarkii (crawfish).

Source: Xylem Inc.

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