Sulzer Pumps is “TOP AREVA Supplier”


Sulzer Pumps, a leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, received the "TOP AREVA Supplier" award from AREVA President, Anne Lauvergeon.

"This award emphasizes the values that Sulzer stands for and pursues in every customer relationship. With attractive and innovative solutions, we want to support our customers and make them more competitive." said Michael Streicher, Managing Director at Sulzer Pumpen (Deutschland) GmbH. Mr. Streicher accepted the award from AREVA president, Anne Lauvergeon, at a ceremony held in Berlin on July, 1st 2009.

AREVA created the award program to give greater visibility to the quality of its relationships with suppliers and to promote those that support AREVA in its growth. To be recognized as a "TOP AREVA Supplier", a company is judged by performance in 25 criteria, including quality, competitiveness and innovation, as well as long-term partnership. Other decisive criteria include sustainability in development, environmental protection and safety.

In her remarks at the ceremony, Ms. Lauvergeon said the “TOP AREVA Supplier” award is to acknowledge, and at the same time, encourage deepening relationships, strength and reliability in the competitive global market. “A company that fulfills all 25 criteria is more than just a supplier, such a company is a real partner." The 2009 awards mark the first time AREVA has recognized its suppliers in Germany with this seal of quality.

Sulzer Pumps has a long-standing relationship with AREVA and has received orders to supply safety-related pumps for nuclear power stations at Olkiluoto (Finland), Flamanville (France) and Taishan (China), among others.


The AREVA group is a global leader in solutions for CO2-free power generation solutions and electricity transmission and distribution. AREVA has manufacturing facilities in 43 countries and employs around 75,000 people. The group is the global leader in nuclear power and number three worldwide in electricity transmission and distribution. It is the only group to be active in every stage of the nuclear cycle.

About Sulzer Pumps

Sulzer Pumps develops and supplies centrifugal pumps worldwide. Intensive research and development in fluid dynamics, process-oriented products, and special materials as well as reliable service solutions help the company maintain its leading position in its focus market segments. Our customers come from the oil and gas, hydrocarbon processing, power generation, pulp and paper and water sectors, as well as from specialized areas in the general industry. The company has a network of 14 manufacturing facilities worldwide and sales offices and service centers in 150 locations globally. A global leader in its selected markets, Sulzer Pumps received orders totaling 2 308.7 million CHF and employed 6 239 persons worldwide in 2008.

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