Scherzinger Presents Individual Gear Pump Solutions


Typical applications cover the areas of lubrication of gears, compressors, high-pressure pumps as well as the bed lubrication of milling machines. Further areas of application include low pressure hydraulic systems and the transfer of oils and fuel.

“We can offer a vast diversity of solutions suitable for lubrication applications from our standard program. Yet, even when it gets tricky, our customers find in us development partners for application oriented solutions,” said Sebastian Vetter, Key Account Manager in mechanical engineering. Together with the customer and a team of fourteen Scherzinger developers, individual solutions arise in this manner; solutions that are in complete alignment with the requests of the respective customer project. The pumps already pass through a number of preproduction tests – all under near-production conditions.

“We put our product through the paces – regardless of whether it concerns endurance runs, extreme temperatures or noise and pulse measuring,” concluded Vetter.

For a current customer solution concerning compressor lubrication systems, a gerotor pump is integrated into the customer-specific housing. This results in a reduction of components because additional system components such as filters and overpressure valves can also be integrated into the pump housing. The Scherzinger solution can be designed so that it is obtainable within the modular system and can be fitted with either one or two rotor sets. The flow rates here are 16 l/min or 8 l/min depending on the configuration. Moreover, the current version exhibits stronger mounting with multi-layered plain bearings in order to manage differential pressures between 3-4 bar at rotation speeds of ca. 10,000 U/min. With the integration, the pumps withstand systems pressure of up to 120 bar.

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