ROTEX Coupling Hub with an Integrated Measuring System

KTR developed a backlash-free ROTEX-GS coupling hub that measures torque and speed. With rotation the measured data is shown on the coupling via a display and can be sent via Bluetooth and looked at in a relevant app. With the compact MONITEX BT the entire measurement technology is inside the coupling hub which allows to integrate the new measuring coupling in the drive without great effort even with sophisticated space conditions.
ROTEX Coupling Hub with an Integrated Measuring System

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Main application fields are machine monitoring, test bench technology, process control and quality assurance.

The MONITEX BT is a backlash-free ROTEX-GS coupling hub with an integrated measuring system to measure torque and speed. Due to its compact design the MONITEX BT is able to replace a standard ROTEX hub in many cases while being easy to assemble.

The inductive energy transmission is made contactlessly and allows for a continuous operation of the measuring hub; for that purpose an inductive head is installed radially from the coupling with a distance of 10 millimeters at the maximum. As soon as the system is switched on, the measured data are sent via Bluetooth and received and saved by a mobile device or a PC via the MONITEX app. A visual and acoustic alert informs the user as soon as the set limit values are exceeded or fallen below. The measurement results can be displayed in the app either as curve progression or numeric numbers with the minimum, maximum and average values being continuously calculated.

The MONITEX app is free and available for download for Android and iOS devices in the respective app stores; KTR supplies the relevant software for use on the PC with a Windows operating system.

The MONITEX BT has a display showing the current torque and speed values from 300 revolutions per minute – the data is also available when the receiver is not near or simple monitoring of load is sufficient.

To monitor or control the drive train, the user often needs live data for feeding into the machine control. This can optionally be done by an edge device converting the Bluetooth data or by a digital-to-analogue converter generating the connection with MONITEX BT and displaying the torque and speed values as analogue voltage signals.

Main applications of the torque measuring coupling hub are almost all ranges of daily measuring operations – among them machine monitoring, test bench technology, process control and quality assurance.

The new MONITEX BT is available in sizes 28 and 42 for the time being, other sizes will follow.

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