Monitor Motor Conditions Remotely with Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor

The new Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor enables industrial application owners to remotely monitor their low voltage motors. Optimize maintenance scheduling and run automated analytics using AI.
Monitor Motor Conditions Remotely with Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor

Monitor motor conditions remotely. (Image source: Svend Hoyer A/S)

Imagine being able to remotely monitor any number of low voltage motors of without having to send technicians to physically check the applications. Hoyer introduces the new Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor, which allows application owners to reduce unforeseen downtime and optimize their maintenance scheduling.

The wireless Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor enables application owners to upgrade from preventive maintenance to condition-based maintenance. This avoids expensive repairs that are not necessary, while errors are detected at an early stage so that a repair can be planned for the next scheduled production stop, says Claus Balle Thomsen, Product Manager, Drives and Controls at Hoyer

Detect faults before they become a problem
Hoyer Smart Motor Sensor combines physical sensors, a web application, mobile app and AI analytics in the cloud to provide application owner with a real-time overview of the health and performance of each individual motor. This allows the application owner to make better informed decisions and catch early warning signs before they develop to serious and costly issues.

By detecting and analyzing input from the sensors, the system is able to trigger warnings and recommend appropriate actions. For example, asymmetry in the motor currents could indicate an issue with the motors power system and increasing vibration levels at different frequencies may indicate that the motor shaft needs to be rebalanced or bearings should be replaced.

All data is stored and transferred using secure protocols to ensure reliable protection throughout the entire data lifecycle.

Source: Hoyer Motors

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