Risk Free Pump Program


Iwaki America announces a free trial pump program for their MDM magnet drive chemical process pump line.

Risk Free Pump Program

The MDM product line has proven itself as a rugged quality design with truly innovative engineered features allowing users to recognize it as the leader in non-metallic magnetic drive technology. With patented features such as dry run capability, the MDM provides users with a value packed solution to their chemical process pump needs.

The MDM is a wide-ranging line of chemical process pumps with models that exceed ANSI hydraulics with flows to 360 gpm and heads to 350 ft. Capable of handling temperatures to 302ºF.The MDM design features standard construction materials of ETFE for cost -effective handling of most aggressive chemistries, and PFA for added temperature capabilities and high purity applications. Available bearing systems of Carbon and high purity Alumina ceramic, or Alpha sintered Silicon Carbide, ensure process integrity.

MDM is a compact close-coupled design with modular construction and individually replaceable parts, allowing simple maintenance and lower cost of ownership. The convenient mounting configuration and dual back pull-out design provides user the ability to maintain line pressure while removing the motor, or if necessary, access to the pump internals from the foot mounted front casing design to avoid disturbing the piping.

Applications for the MDM include bulk chemical transfer, chlorination, water treatment, refineries, plating, fume scrubbers, paper production, desalination, and metal pickling.

To apply, visit the Iwaki America website and complete the online application form.

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