Renewal of the DAB Pumps plant in Bientina

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In the renewal of the area also 4 thousand square meters of photovoltaic panels and an interactive showroom. Confindustria Pisa and the director of Federmeccanica Stefano Franchi were also present at the inauguration.
Renewal of the DAB Pumps plant in Bientina

Ribbon cutting by snxtr Carlo Frighetto Dir.Un.Ind.Pisana- Stefano Franchi DG Fedemeccanica and Sandro Stramare CEO DAB Pumps. (Image source: DAB Pumps S.P.A.)

Fourteen thousand square meters of refurbished covered area, 3,900 square meters of photovoltaic panels that will produce 1137MWh of energy per year, a futuristic and interactive digital showroom that offers the entire catalog of DAB products, thematic itineraries that accompany the visitor in the the innermost part of the production, where the technology of the Esybox Line range takes shape. It is the DAB factory in Bientina, in the province of Pisa, completely renovated in recent weeks and inaugurated yesterday in the presence of Confindustria Pisa and the director of Federmeccanica Stefano Franchi. The ribbon cutting was held in the DAB Arena, an area of about 200 square meters, designed and set up to host events dedicated to the best installers in Italy.

The Bientina plant is the heart of the electronic production of DAB, the multinational company specializing in the field of technologies for water handling and management. In addition to the plastic department for the molding and injection process, here is the entire electronic and mechanical design chain up to the assembly of the finished product and quality tests. A state-of-the-art plant, which in addition to ISO 9001 quality certification also has ISO 45001 certifications for health and safety systems and ISO14001 for environmental management systems. In the company site, where all the lighting has been replaced with high energy efficiency LED technology, the monitoring of consumption indicators and the updating of the machinery and technologies used to obtain maximum efficiency are constant. The new photovoltaic system will guarantee 25% of the entire energy needs of the site, the remaining 75% of the energy purchased from the grid is in any case obtained 100% from renewable sources to be zero impact.

The renovated Bientina plant is consistent with the objectives of the DAB 2025 Development Strategy, as explained by Sandro Stramare, DAB Group CEO: "DAB Bientina is a perfect example of the phase of change we are implementing to concretely respond to #caringforthefuture, a principle on which our 2025 Strategy is based. - he declared yesterday during the inauguration - Taking care of people and the environment, maintaining a high technological level, implies important choices, such as those of changing spaces, reviewing internal processes and working methods . Our actions speak of us. We are investing in the future and we are only at the beginning! "

"The path of the Renewal initiated by Federmeccanica - says the CEO of Federmeccanica Stefano Franchi, present at the inauguration - continues unabated, and across the board. Together with the Trade Union, we are addressing complex issues such as the technological and ecological transition. Today we are in Pisa, in DAB, an excellence of the industrial sector. There is a cultural change to be carried out by focusing on quality. Today, in fact, it is no longer enough just to do, it is necessary to do well. In the company where we are located, you can breathe this air, an air that crosses the whole country thanks to our companies and that must reach every corner of every province. Here we find technology and expertise. We find the economic value and the social value of our industry. A heritage to be preserved in the interest of all. Companies like this are a common good, for the territory, for Italy ".

"Today's inauguration is an example of the strength that companies in our area have in such a critical moment as the one we are experiencing - comments Patrizia Alma Pacini, president of the Pisan Industrial Union -. We are proud to support companies like Dab that have the courage to invest and innovate in a strategic sector that represents a real model of sustainable development. All this shows us that it is possible to combine technology and innovation with the protection of the environment and the territory ".

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