Renesas Electronics Establishes Post of Chief Technology Officer


Renesas Electronics Corporation announced the appointment, effective as of July 1, 2015, of Hideto Hidaka as the newly-established Chief Technology Officer (CTO), reporting directly to Takao Endo, Representative Director, Chairman & CEO. Hidaka will also serve concurrently as a Senior Vice President.

In addition to carrying through the ongoing structural reforms, Renesas has been implementing a variety of measures designed to achieve future revenue growth. In order to establish a strong position in Renesas’ focus growth markets, it is essential to bolster the core technologies that are crucial to market growth.

In light of this background, the office of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has been established with the role of capturing global market trends and customer requirements in technology, five and ten years into the future. The CTO will also establish and execute strategy, and exercise overall control over a new cross-sectional, company-wide strategic direction for technology and technology development.

Hidaka, who today assumes the title of Senior Vice President and CTO, will lead the technology strategy and technology development work of the entire Renesas Group in his role as CTO. In addition, as Senior Vice President, he will work from the management side to strengthen technology at Renesas, enable efficient utilization of development resources, and facilitate concentration on and strengthening of our core technologies.

After joining Mitsubishi Electric Corporation as a member of the LSI Laboratory, Hidaka worked on the development of memory-related products such as DRAM and embedded DRAM (eDRAM). Subsequently, he supervised development of microcontrollers (MCUs) with on-chip flash memory at Renesas Technology Corp. and Renesas Electronics Corporation. In addition to leading the development of technology used in MCUs that Renesas now boasts the top market share worldwide, Hidaka has been an active member of several international scientific and technical societies in the semiconductor circuit field (including IEEE and IEICE) and served as the Chairman of the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), which is highly regarded in the industry as “the Olympic Games of Semiconductors”. He has thus played an important role in the development of semiconductor technology both inside and outside Renesas. Hidaka’s extensive personal connections with leaders in the field of semiconductor technology development, his extensive track record in the field, and his experience supervising design work on the world’s leading MCUs will enable him to make a major contribution to the future growth of Renesas and in particular to technological innovation.

“I am keenly conscious of the fact that in order for Renesas to compete and thrive in the global marketplace, it is important for us to implement both technology strategy and technology development that is firmly rooted in the management side of things,” said Hideto Hidaka. “I take my responsibilities as CTO within the newly-established management framework extremely seriously, and under this new system I plan to do my utmost to ensure that Renesas Electronics continues to be a corporate leader in technology.”

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