RectorSeal Introduces New Condensate Tank Pumps

RectorSeal introduces the Aspen Pumps M4R Series and RTP (RectorSeal Tank Pump) Series of condensate tank pumps.
RectorSeal Introduces New Condensate Tank Pumps

RectorSeal Introduces Aspen M4R and RTP Series Condensate Tank Pumps. (Image source: RectorSeal)

The multiple-model introduction represents the HVAC industry’s most flexible, diverse and compact tank pump product lines for the North American unitary air conditioning, furnace and dehumidifier condensate markets.

The product line offers tank pumps for most residential and commercial applications ranging from entry level value to feature-rich, premium models all with water level float mechanisms, thermal overload protection and safety cut-off switches that inactivate the system to protect property-damaging condensate overflow.

The three-model M4R Series features a noise rating operation of less than 45-dB at one-meter (comparable to a refrigerator compressor). The Series also offers a small footprint of 11.2 x 5.6-inches (284 x 142-mm), and a compact height of 5.3-inches (134-mm). The M4R lineup’s 230-V and two 110-V models are designated by 15, 17 and 20-foot (4.5, 5.1, 6-m) head capacities. The M4R Series uses a patented impeller technology that enhances performance. The M4R Series’ IP-24 rating certifies ingress protection against objects up to 1/2-inch (12.5-mm) and sprayed water from all directions. The M4R Series also carries a two-year warranty and a >140°F (60°C) rating suitable for furnace condensate temperatures.

The M4R’s installation aids include a built-in bubble level, four 3/4 (19-mm) or one 1-inch (25-mm) tapered PVC inlet options with covers, 6-foot-long (1.8-m) power cord, 6-inch-long (152-mm) cutoff switch wire leads and slotted mounting arms for flexible positioning. The M4R design expedites routine maintenance with two perforated, easily-cleaned plastic debris filters, power status LED and a 1/2-gallon (1.9-L) ABS plastic quick-release tank. The removable outlet check valve prevents drain backflow and is easily repaired or replaced with a unique twist-and-click lock-in design and securing retention clip.

The RTP Series consists of one 230-V and two 110-V models with either 15 or 24-foot (4.5 or 7.3-m) head capacities. The RTP’s compact footprint is 11 x 5-inches (279-127-mm) with a 7-inch (177-mm) height. Installation is quick with molded-plastic mounting arms, a 6-foot-long power cord, 10-inch-long (254-mm) cutoff switch wire leads and three 3/4-inch inlet options with covers. It features a reliable float arm design and a 1/2-gallon tank. The RTP carries a one-year limited warranty.

Complementing the tank pump product line is several existing RectorSeal condensate maintenance products: Actabs EE EPA-registered biocide bacteria, sludge and odor eliminator; Nu Line non-corrosive, non-fuming condensate drain cleaner for preventing clogs and leaks; and LineShot drain line CO2 pressure flush device for use with Safe-T-Switch Model SC1 cleanout.

Installation and service instruction for both the RTP and M4R Series are available free with On-Demand Training with RectorSeal, a free program for individuals or groups of HVAC service technicians. Participants can sign up for 20 to 40-minute interactive online classes with RectorSeal’s NATE-certified product trainer, Jerry Myren.

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