Pulsafeeder Introduces Polymer Makedown System


Pulsafeeder introduces its Polymer Makedown Systems in both Automatic and Manual versions. These systems feature the proprietary 3 Step Static Blending System which provides excellent dilution without harming the polymer chains.

Pulsafeeder Introduces Polymer Makedown System

New Polymer Makedown Systems (Image: Pulsafeeder)

These rugged fabricated assemblies offer turn-key simplicity and industrial grade durability. With a wide range of dilution utilizing three different water flow rates to choose from (0-5 GPM; 5-10 GPM & 10+ GPM) the proprietary design Static Blending System is custom sized to provide outstanding activation of all types of polymers, without the sometimes damaging effects of motorized mixing devices. There are five neat polymer pump flow rates to choose from to get the right size for any application. The Polymer Makedown Systems include an auto-fill calibration column, an adjustable flow meter and a neat polymer back pressure regulator to maintain a consistent final product.

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