Pressure Regulating Valves


Pressure reducing and regulator valves are designed to meet the requirements of many industry sectors. Products include high flow, pressures and temperatures.

With the many available options it can meet most any requirement for pressure control relief.

The scope runs from low to high pressures for relief, back pressure, pressure reducing, pump overpressure and bypass functions.

The full range of valves is designed for use on ILS, chemicals, water, sanitary and high purity fluids as well as gas both air and corrosive properties.

Inline design means low pressure drop through the system. Diaphragms are available in many materials to meet requirements for chemical corrosion as well as temperature. Pressures are available to 400 bars, flow rates to 300l/min with threaded or flanged connections.

Sanitary design is in 316 stainless steel with triclamp connectors, all major metal groups as well as engineered plasitcs.

The range offers a solution for almost all requirements for pressure in liquid or gas systems to maximize system performance as well as provide total safety.

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