Pond Maintenance with Zuwa’s Nirostar 2000-D Impeller Pump


A living pond requires perfect care. One of the repeated maintenance jobs is removing sediment sludge. Zuwa’s powerful robust stainless steel pump Nirostar 2000-D (available with 230 and 400V motors) is the ideal companion to remove waste water and sludge from a garden or swimming pond.

Pond Maintenance with Zuwa’s Nirostar 2000-D Impeller Pump

Nirostar 2000-D (Photo: Zuwa)

The flexible impeller easily transports dirt or particles with the water. The wide 11/2" hose connections let pass solids without any problem.

The dry self priming Nirostar 2000-D does not require to be filled prior to using it and pumps a solid 166 litres per minute at a pressure of 3 bar. Slurp operation is harmless for the pump. Combined with a flat suction mat the water is removed almost to the last drip.

Apart from pond maintenance the pump offers a wide variety of applications. Pumping oil, Diesel or liquid fertilizer are only a few examples.

Zuwa presents the Nirostar 2000-D together with various sprayers and other pumps at the Galabau trade show in Nuremberg from September 15 to 18.

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