Parker Strengthens its Portfolio of Variable Frequency Drives with Two New Ranges

Parker Hannifin has introduced two new ranges of AC inverter drives that meet the latest requirements for the industrial market. Fitting between Parker’s existing AC10 and AC30 series, the AC15 and AC20 provide a rich set of features for a mid-range inverter family without the cost of ‘system drive’ features that are not always required. These include an onboard webserver, SD card slot, ‘Fire Mode’, two independent PID loops and multi-stage sequencing functions.
Parker Strengthens its Portfolio of Variable Frequency Drives with Two New Ranges

Parker offers new ranges of variable frequency drives (Image Source: Parker)

Parker’s new drive ranges are aimed squarely at the mid-range industrial segment, with features making them ideal for multiple applications, from simple fan/pump controllers and conveyors to multi-drive production lines requiring speed following and winder calculators.

The AC15 series has been designed to be backward-compatible with both the AC10 series and its predecessors. Offering Safe Torque Off to SIL2/PLd and Ethernet communications as standard, the AC15 aims to provide a low-cost and compact solution for open-loop motor control applications. The AC15 is available in 230V single-phase, 230V three-phase and 400V three-phase variants, with power ratings between 0.37kW and 30kW. All feature a high input/output count and fully configurable internal block diagram, and both induction and PMAC motor types are supported.

The AC20 series expands upon the AC15 in terms of both functionality and power ratings, covering the 1.5kW to 180kW range in 230V single-phase, 230V three-phase and 400V three-phase variants. Connectivity is extended to provide both EtherNet/IP and PROFINET IO as standard through the onboard Ethernet port, while further fieldbus options may be fitted via a dedicated communication option ‘slot’. Further expansion options include a low-cost encoder speed feedback card and a general-purpose IO expansion card. Both expansion option cards may be fitted to the AC20 drive in either of its two option slots, allowing for closed-loop motor control with simple speed following, an open-loop drive with exceptionally high IO count, or even a mixture of the two.

Additional features of the AC20 over its lower-cost sibling include an alphanumeric onboard display, inbuilt winder functionality and over 100 programmable internal wiring connections for ultimate application flexibility.

Key to the ease of use and functionality of both the AC15 and AC20 drive series is Parker’s renowned DSELite programming software. DSELite allows the programming of Parker inverters through an intuitive block diagram approach, where each block represents a drive function, and each block can be linked to another with a simple ‘wiring’ system. DSELite has been upgraded to allow programming and real-time online monitoring of the application over Ethernet when used with AC15 or AC20, and now includes a fast oscilloscope with data logging facility.

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