Over 100 Years of Engineering Expertise Shared in Xylem’s New Technical Handbooks


Xylem Inc. has produced two new, technical handbooks, under its Flygt brand, that share years of engineering expertise in sludge pumping and wastewater treatment mixing.

The ‘Flygt Handbook of Sludge Pumping’ and ‘Flygt Handbook of Mixing’ reveal Xylem’s in-depth knowledge and engineering expertise in how to best manage these wastewater treatment processes.

Including details about the advantages of different pump types for transporting sludge, how to estimate the required pump head pressure in a sludge transportation system and a number of case stories spanning Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and the UK, Xylem’s ‘Flygt Handbook of Sludge Pumping’ is a unique analytical reference tool aimed at engineers and consultants or other professionals in the sludge transportation area.

Magnus Fahlgren, M.Sc., mechanical engineer and executive editor at Xylem said, “The ‘Flygt Handbook of Sludge Pumping’ aims to fill a knowledge gap about how to deal most efficiently and effectively with sludge pumping.

Increasing awareness about environmental issues is one of the factors driving the development of more efficient pollution treatment methods. This has resulted in the enhanced removal of organic solids from liquid streams which in turn has led to an increased interest in systems for sludge transportation. Xylem is responding to the need for quality data and expertise with this one-of-a-kind resource.”

Fahlgren added, “With this handbook we are sharing with our clients and customers the expertise and insight we have gathered over the years about sludge, its many and varied characteristics and the best ways we have found of managing and transporting it. This handbook is distinctive as it gathers into one place a huge level of technical detail, from the makers of the renowned Flygt pump, as well as application examples that cannot be found anywhere else. We hope that wastewater plant operators will find this handbook to be a useful manual to guide their operations.”

Xylem has introduced a unique new ‘Flygt Handbook of Mixing’ during the IFAT Entsorga trade show in Munich (Hall A1, booths 317/418). Drawing on Xylem’s more than 100 years of water and wastewater expertise including over 100,000 Flygt installations worldwide, the handbook combines in-depth theoretical background, application guidelines and step-by-step recommendations for submersible, jet and top entry mixers. With more than 300 pages, the handbook features over 250 sketches, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and other diagrams, as well as previously unpublished scientific and technical content. The ‘Flygt Handbook of Mixing’ is ideal for engineers tasked with specifying, procuring or designing mixing solutions. The Flygt Handbook of Mixing will be available in Q3 2012.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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